I Lurve my BFF

I think my BFF might be as excited for me to get engaged and hitched as I am…
After I shared with her my love for Stephanie James (and my disapointment with the local bridal salon that carries her gowns) she sent me, being “bored one night” searched The Knot and found some other fabulous, Tea Length, dress options. (Let me stop here and say I definitely haven’t ruled out Stephanie James, I contacted her about my experience at that Bridal Salon and she was very nice and told me who to work with there that knows SJ’s gowns).
Not knowing about BFF’s search I found these dresses separetely in my inbox one morning, last week…

Option #1Michelle Roth Polka Dot Dress

I love polka dots and I love this dress, but it may be a little too poofy for me. Eventhough, I will definitely try it on.

Option #2 – Talor by the Vineyard Collection

This is my FAVORITE dress, I think out of any other dress option. I would definitely add straps, because, if I haven’t already told you, I have a fairly large chestal region.

Option 3 – Blanca by Alice Padrul

This one is cute, but not for me and especially not for my wedding… put it is far too expensive (4 $ signs).