Maybe My Toesies Neeed These…

Posted On July 6, 2009

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“You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on me feet.” – Cher, Clueless

Like many brides before me (and I’m sure many brides after me), I cannot make up my mind when it comes to my shoes. Two weeks ago I showed you all these lovelies and I was determined to make them mine.


That was until I saw the shoes of this lovely bride, my friend, Alisa.

She got a great pair of pumps from Hey Lady.

Twins (and friend’s of Alisa), Emily and Jessica Leung, created a line of bridal shoes after their own search for wedding shoes. They wanted something that was non-dyeable and actually danceable! I couldn’t agree more. Now, if I could only agree with myself on which ones I should get.
I can’t decide between Tiffany’s

or Princess Buttercup in the turquoise…

Tiffany’s are more expensive, but I am more likely to wear them again. Where Princess Buttcup is a little less expensive, but I don’t know what I would wear them with again. What would you do?

But, My Toesies Neeeed Them

Posted On June 25, 2009

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When I went for my dress alterations appointment with Mathab I noticed something while I was standing there admiring my dress. My feet HURT! I brought two pairs of shoes with me. One was a light yellow pair of Calvin Klein pumps I’ve worn several times before and the other was my new pair of dancing shoes.

I’ve danced in these shoes for a couple weeks now. I think I finally “broke them in” this week, but they still hurt just standing there in Mahtab’s studio. I’m going to be doing a lot of “just standing there” during our ceremony and I really don’t want to be worrying about my toesies while I’m saying my vows. So, while I was standing there I daydreamed about a pretty pair of Cole Haan Nike Air shoes I’d seen months ago.


They’re pretty huh? But, the price, notsomuch. I could justify them saying that my toesies would be really comfy all day and I could dye them after the wedding and wear them again and again. Although Cole Haan doesn’t offer dyeing, they say the fabric is fully dyeable and they even include two fabric swatch to test on.

The question still remains though, do I really neeeeed $428.00 shoes? My head says no, but my toesies say YES! What would you do?


Posted On June 4, 2009

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I can’t remember what I started drooling over first, wedding dresses or wedding shoes. I LOVE shoes! (Really what girl doesn’t?) If I take a look at the collection of shoes I’ve bookmarked over the past 7 monthes (have I really been planning that long?) I see a trend – Pumps.

Source – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

But a couple months ago it hit me – I’m getting married on GRASS! I will walk down a grass aisle and I will mingle on grass durning our reception.

Source for both

Those heels are going to sink right in. What is a French Bulldog to do? I can’t change my venue, that would just be crazy. I guess I could wear wedges, like the wise Mrs Pomegranate, but I don’t think wedges would go well with my lacey dress. Plus, I’ve only found one pair I like.


Christian Louboutin doesn’t come cheap and if I’m buying Louboutin I want a red sole darn it!

Enter, my SoleMates, not to be confused with my Soulmate, Mr. Frenchie.


According to their website, SoulMates, increase the surface area of the heel base, which of course reduces the pressure so you don’t irrigate the lawn. A pretty genius invention if you ask me. Mama Frenchie picked up a pair of these in clear for me at a local boutique, but they can also be ordered online.

Just in case your wondering how well they work, I tested them out at our venue this weekend and I didn’t sink at all.

Are you getting married on the grass too? What kind of shoes are you wearing?

I NEED this shoe!

Posted On May 19, 2009

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Dear J Crew,
I finally found the perfect shoes for my Bridesmaids to wear. BM J can wear the flat because she is 6’1″.


Sister Frenchie and BM F can wear the heel.

The fabric is ADORABLE and I.AM.IN.LOVE! Hack, I want a pair for myself!
So, why-oh-why don’t you have the flat in a freakin’ 10!?! I want, I need, I have to have!
Miss French Bulldog

Hive can you help me out? I need this shoe?

Hello Luvah…

Posted On April 17, 2009

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This aways happens to me, I say something like, “All white “wedding” shoes so ugly!” and then I find some I really like and I’m proven wrong.

Exhibit A: Badgley Mischka “Caroline” 
Exhibit B: Badgley Mischka “Carlo”   

Fancy Shoes

Posted On February 20, 2009

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Today through Facebook I was notified that Christian Louboutin, HIMSELF, will be at South Coast Plaza this coming Tuesday.
Ummm… $6,295 for a pair of shoes! Well they are quite pretty

but still I who has $6,295 to spend on shoes, especially in this economy?!? Not me.
However this may help me feel better about buying these beauties, by Cole Haan for $428.
They’re even from the Nike Air line, so my feetsies will be cozy all day!