2 Down, 1 More To Go

Posted On August 6, 2009

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Early this week I went to my second dress fitting, I only have one more! I cannot believe the countdown to the French Bulldog wedding has entered the teens! EEEEE!
Monday, with about a half an hour left of work, something told me to check the card where my next appointment with Mahtab had been written. Thank God, I did, because it was scheduled for 5:30pm that day. (After my Bride Brain confession, I started taking steps to become more organized and I have written everything on a calendar at my desk, I got the card out to add her to my calendar).

*** Mr. Frenchie, with umpteen days left to go, I’m sure you can make it without peeking, No Lookie por favor***

After work I had just enough time to go home, grab my shoes and rush over to Mahtab’s house. Everything happens for a reason though, because if I had remembered, in the morning, to bring my shoes, it most likely wouldn’t have occured to me to bring my veil. I hadn’t been able to take any pictures of it since it arrived two weekends ago because I misplaced my camera.
So, the stars aligned and I remembered my appointment, grabs my shoes, my veil and my camera and drove to Mahtab’s. PHEW!
I wish the picks of my dress had some dramatic change from the last time, but if you remember, there wasn’t a whole lot to fix to begin with. Mahtab, took in the top of the dress so it lays flatter in my boobal area, added my bustle and took up the bottom a little. In the pictures, it looks pretty much the same as the last time I showed you. However, up-close the hem is AMAZING! Mahtab cut the lace detailing off the bottom, shortened the dress and is re-sewing it back on! I thought forsure I would just lose the lace on the bottom, but Mahtab is awesome and that is why I heart her.
Check out the goofy grin! Geez, I must love you guys for putting this on the internet.
Now for the back…
The bustle is finished… or should I say almost finished, we decided to add one more hook so I can take the middle of the bustle (below the bow strings) and pin it up just below the bow. It’s hard to visualize but I’ll take pics for you when I got back next Tuesday.
Now, for the really exciting part, my veil. I had tried on a couple veils at a few different salons. I knew I wanted a shorter veil because I kept pulling the veil around my shoulders when I would try-on the longer ones.
I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, but then I saw Miss Bruschetta’s post on veils and I feel in love with the look of this veil.

Isn’t my buddy, Bru, GORGEOUS!?!

A lot of people suggested she contact Mrs. Sea Breeze who started her own business making veils, so I decided to take their suggestions and I emailed Kasia. First off, Kasia is a total sweetheart, and a absolute joy to work with. I sent her pictures of my dress and the picture of Miss Bruschetta and, although she had never made anything like it before, she agreed to try.

I couldn’t be more happy with the result.

She put three layers of tulle – the top and bottom layers are a tighter weave tulle and the middle layer has a larger weave. I love that it’s a mix and I love that it’s poofy and short, but still covers my back a little. I’m so happy Kasia agreed to make my veil because I found nothing like this in my area… Canada is SO lucky!

Did you have to go somewhere other than a bridal salon to find the veil of your dreams?

Things Seem to Work Themselves Out

Posted On July 15, 2009

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This past weekend was another hot one here in Southern California. The weather had been lovely all week. On my birthday, it was perfect – sunny with a nice breeze. Mama Frenchie bought be a coral 3/4 sweater to wear with my white skirt, for my second shower on Saturday, and it seemed like the perfect outfit. That was until I woke-up and Saturday morning and it.was.summer. I don’t know why the heat surprises me every year, but it kinda sneaks up on me. Surprise! It’s Summer! and it.is.HOT!

There was no way I could go all afternoon in a sweater, no matter how pretty. I was already sweating in the shorts and t-shirt I had slept in. I went through my closet, but nothing felt appropriate for a bride to wear to her shower. It looks like something I would wear as a guest, not the guest of honor.

Sister Frenchie told me that White House/Black Market was having a big sale. Um Hello – I love White House/Black Market! And, Who doesn’t love a sale? I figured I would drive over and try on every white dress in the store, if something didn’t work I would wear and skirt/shirt combo I had managed to pull together.

White House/Black Market only had 2 white dresses in my size. TWO, those are not good odds! The first dress I tried on would have been great if I didn’t have a short torso, or I had the time to have the shoulders taken in about an inch.

I loved how light the fabric was and that I would definitely wear a bra with straps. The second (or other) dress I tried on was strapless, luckily I thought ahead, and wore my strapless bra so I wouldn’t have to guess if it would work.


I’m not gonna lie, it was a little tight in the boobal area (chestal region). I asked the sales lady if I could try it on in a bigger size, but she told me because of the fabric, most people bring this dress back because it stretches out. Ummm, but will is stretch out in the next 2 hours? I’m wearing this dress at 2pm. I took her advise and bought the dress. When I got home a put the dress on again without a bra, added the straps and it worked MUCH better, YAY!

Here I am at the shower with Mama Frenchie*, Auntie S and BM J.

A Special Thank you to Mrs Cupcake for letting my borrow her Twigs and Honey Flower! It was so pretty, I couldn’t wait ’til the wedding to wear it 🙂

Okay, so here’s the best part – I got so many compliments on my new white dress that I decided to bring it was a back-up on the day of the wedding. If the weekend of our wedding is another hot one, I know I can easily change into this dress.

Have you ever had to run to the mall for a wedding fashion emergency?

* Don’t ask me how Mama Frenchi made it the whole day in that jacket… I think it was linen.

Heat Stroke

Posted On June 29, 2009

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This past weekend Mr Frenchie and I flew up to Northern California to visit his family and attend the wedding of my dear friends Alisa and Joe.

Girl Friends and their bling 🙂

We had a blast and the wedding was beautiful! The details came together perfectly and really represented the couple’s “preppy” style.

The wedding was held at a Country Club where Joe, used to be a golf instructor. Check out that Cake and the Ring Bearer!

The only hitch in an otherwise perfect weekend was the heat.

For an area that is normally in the high 70s this time of year, the 100 degree heat was a shocker. As sweat was dripping down my legs durning cocktail hour I started to worry – What if it was this hot for our wedding? Although black, my dress for Alisa and Joe’s wedding was really light weight. My beautiful Paigely? Notsomuch. I mean, it’s not crazy heavy or anything, but it is still a full length lace wedding dress.
According to weather.com the average high in August is 89. I can live with 89, but I cannot live with the record high of 109! The website also says that July is the hottest month in Rancho Bernado, so I’m hoping this bodes well for our late August wedding.
As much as I would like to admit weather.com calmed my nerves, I am still worried it may be unbearably hot at our outdoor wedding. I’m thinking I should buy a back up reception dress just in case. If I don’t end up needing it, I can just return it or sell it. One of the bridesmaid’s at Alisa’s wedding said she bought a back-up reception dress on sale at Neiman Marcus. Luckily she thought ahead, because at her wedding two weeks earlier, a heat wave hit in the normally cool town of Half Moon Bay, CA.
I would love to find the exact dress I wore this weekend in white, but unfortunately I bought that dress on sale at White House/Black Market and they never carried it in white. So, I checked out all the great suggestions everyone gave Miss Mary Jane and found a dress I really like.


Are you worried about the weather for you wedding? Have you bought a back-up dress?

Paigely and Miss Frenchie

Posted On June 24, 2009

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Yesterday, was quite a busy day… After work I met my trainer at the gym, went home rinsed off, grabbed Paigely and Mama Frenchie, went to visit Mahtab, came home, made dinner, ate dinner, and then went to dance lessons with Papa Frenchie. At the end of the day I was exhausted, but it wasn’t in vain, because now I FINALLY have pictures of me in my dress to share. YAY!

** Again, Mr Frenchie, Love of my Life, if for some reason you’ve decided to check out Weddingbee today, this post is not intended for your eyes…NO LOOKIE**

First off, let me just say that Mahtab is the sweetest lady I’ve ever met and she definitely knows what she is doing. She taught Mama Frenchie how to properly lace up my dress so that is made a lovely “V” in the back. Unlike the girl at the salon who, when I picked up the dress, laced me up so tight I looked like a sausage coming out of it’s casing. She then took in the sides of the top a little so the sweatheart neckline laid nicely and covered my girls. Once she was done with the hem, we were finished with the front.Next, she worked on my bustle. Since everything was happening behind me I no idea what she was doing, but I trusted her. From the sound of it she started doing one bustle, but didn’t like the way it looked so she changed it to another. The bustle she switched to had all that the pick-up folds on the outside of the dress. I asked her if she could do a bustle where the pick-ups where under the folds, aka french bustle. Although, she didn’t think it looked as nice, she re-did the bustle and I was much happier.

I loved trying my dress on again, but was relieved to leave her at someone else’s house. Paigely was taking up WAY too much room in my little closet.

What bustle did you decide? Was it what the tailer recommended?

The Call

Posted On June 10, 2009

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Isn’t it funny how just about the time you forget what your wedding dress looks like, the bridal salon calls and tells you it’s in? That’s right, MY WEDDING DRESS IS IN!!

I don’t think I told you, but when I ordered the dress the salon had only ever seen her in ivory. I knew I wanted a white white dress, so I ordered it in “All White” and said a little prayer. When the salon called on Friday, the lady told me Paigely looked gorgeous and she had been showing her off to everyone. I quote, “The white is gorgeous! We were nervous because we have never seen it in white, but it isn’t blue at all.” PHEW, because there is really no going back now!

**Mr Frenchie, if for some reason you decided today was the day you were going to start reading Weddingbee, please decide not to read this post**

After work, Mama Frenchie and I, are going to the salon to try on my dress, pay the balance and take my Paigely home.
Yep, I get to take her home. Why? Two Reasons:
1 – The salon is in Huntington Beach and I live 25 miles away in Laguna Niguel. With everything else I have going on, I don’t want to worry about making it up to Huntington Beach to get my dress altered.
2 – I’ve been informed by another bride, who purchased the same dress from the salon, that the alterations lady isn’t very good. She recommended a lady who does alteration out of her home in Laguna Niguel. Since that is obviously closer, I’m going there.

Did you decide to have your Wedding Dress altered somewhere other than where you purchased it?

Inspiration Board #1

This is my first attempt at an Inspiration Board for our Wedding…


First Row:Paigely Maggie Sottero Dress, FH’s J Crew Suit, Cake Buffet
Second Row: boutonnieres from Martha Stewart Weddings, Daisy Centerpiece by Amanda Auer
Third Row: Mrs. Cupcake’s Twigs and Honey flower, Bernardo Winery GazeboBlue Bird from Urban Outfitters, Yellow Cupcake with Flag
Bottom Row: Bernardo Winery Wine Bottles, Yellow After Six BM Dress, J Crew Shoes, HerbsBouquet

First Daughter

Posted On March 2, 2009

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This Sunday I felt the beginnings of a cold coming on and spent most the day being lazy in bed. Being laxy in bed also means watch lots of TV and FX was showing First Daughter with Katie Holmes (no, Tom I will not call her Kate).
Now, you’re probably thinking HisBirdie, what does this have to do with weddings? and it doesn’t really, just wedding dresses and how you can find inspiration almost anywhere. In the move Katie goes to a ball of some sort for her father (the President) with a hottie, Marc Blucas (who SPOILER ALERT turns out to be Secret Service, you saw that coming too did you?).
If I hadn’t already found the wedding dress of my dreams I would find a seamstress to make me this dress. The whole dress is so romantic and the bottom, the way it flows *sigh*. I wish I could find you a better picture, but the best I found was this video on You Tube. If you don’t want to watch the whole trailer the dress is about 2:08 in.

Dear White House Black Market,

Posted On February 24, 2009

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Dear White House Black Market,
I love you! I go our searching for rehearsal dresses and shower dresses and you deliver in your New Spring Arrivals. I ask for something with straps this time, and hello Chiffon Hydrangea Print Dress
and, not that I need a new red clutch, but what is that in her hand?

Hello, Silk Rosette Clutch, I think you would go nicely with the Cole Haan shoes I have my eye on.
But, wait there’s more! Looking for a pretty white cardigan?
or a white rehearsal dress, or wedding dress for garden or court house wedding?
Thank you White House Black Market! My shopping cart runneth over 🙂

As the Dress Twirls – HisBirdie’s Wedding Dress Story (Part 5)

Posted On February 16, 2009

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The Wednesday after I first went met with Lynn at Jinny’s Bridal, I took BM J and her adorable son L to look at my top wedding dress contenders.

The first dress I showed her I had liked, but MOB liked MUCH more. I unfortunately don’t have a picture of this dress because Jinny’s had taken the tag off and only had a style number on the sale’s tag. My guess is it was a knock off of another dress because it was only $500, but I don’t know for sure. The dress was a typical A-line cut; it had a jewel booby area and a rooshed bodice and at the hip the skirt went out a little and fell to the floor. This dress was by far the poofiest one I tried on. I actually really like the way it fit but I wasn’t a fan of the random lace trim on the bottom of the skirt. Plus, I also didn’t understand how a dress with more parts to it was less busy than a solid lace gown… anyway. BM J liked that dress, but I could tell she wasn’t in love with it – and besides she had only seen me in my Presents dress and this dress.

The next dress was Antonia Marie also by Maggie Sottero.
Antonia Marie was a beautiful dress and the neckline looked fantastic on me. The fabric was very light, but to shimmery for my taste and there was something about the bottom lace on the bodice that did not appeal to me. BM J also liked this dress, but was a HUGE fan, she said she loved it, but I could tell she wasn’t in love with it.

The last dress I tried on Paigely by Maggie Sottero 
This was the dress were minute Lynn had me laced up in this dress I fell in love. I loved the lace and the way it fit me like a glove. I was orignally a little nervous about being so in love with Paigely beause she was the first dress I tired on after almost purchasing a dress I didn’t really love (after all). When I had come the first time I could tell BM F loved it and MOH did too, however MOB was not a fan, it was written all over her face. MOB said it was my wedding dress, and I could pick what I wanted, but I knew she didn’t like it. BM J also LOVED this dress as much as me 🙂 and having it on again a few days later I knew Paigely was my dress.

Lynn wrote up the pricing for my MOB to call in her credit card before Sunday and I left happy knowing I had actually found THE DRESS this time, but anxious because I knew MOB wasn’t going to like that I chose the dress she didn’t like as much – and that is the reason I waited until today to write the conclusion to this series, I wanted to make sure that MOB bought the dress before I told everyone I had a dress. No, MOB is not 100% happy with my decision, but yes, she did buy me the dress and hopefully she will get over her hang-up with the dress like she’s promised.

As the Dress Twirls – HisBirdie’s Wedding Dress Story (Part 4)

Posted On February 12, 2009

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So, Saturday morning MOB and MOH met BM F for my appointment with Lynn at Jinny’s Bridal in Huntington Beach. BM J couldn’t make this trip because she (her husband and adorable son) already had plans to go to Big Bear with another family. The rainy season of February had started, so I was really surprised we made it to Jinny’s on time… I was however a little embarrassed that I was in Uggs and a thermal, but what is a girl to do when she isn’t used to cold weather?
Knowing in advance that Jinny’s didn’t have Anastasia, printed out a couple dresses I like and brought them with me.
Casablanca 1831
Casablanca 1872
A dress that I didn’t save the designer for (I’m sorry, please let me know, if you know whose this is)
and of course Anastasia, just in case.
Lynn immediately showed me a dress by Maggie Sottero that had been very popular and flattering a couple brides in the past, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of this dress, but I told Lynn I would try on anything and off I went… Lynn helped me get into dress while MOB, MOH and BM F found more dresses for me to try on and checked out the BM dresses. At one point MOB even found a dress for another bride in the salon.
Ultimately my favorite dress was the first dress Lynn had shown me – I loved the way it fit and how skinny it made me look, I tried on about 10 other dresses, but I kept coming back to THAT DRESS. MOH and BM F really liked the dress, but MOB didn’t like it very much… because MOB really liked the dress that was discontinued and thought my new love was “too busy” and “too fancy” for my venue. So, to please MOB I tried on 2 more dresses which were pretty, but just weren’t me, I really like the first dress.
Since Lynn had and appointment and I still had to get my deposit back from La Soie before I could purchase another dress, Lynn wrote down the tree top contenders. For the next 1/2 hour MOH and BM F tried on BM dresses and then we went home.  
Coming up next in Part 5 – I’ll show you my favortie dress, I have to decide on a Maggie dress by this Sunday to get 10% off (and I want to get my dress at Jinny’s because that means my BMs also get 10% on their dresses), and BM J sees my dress 🙂

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