Moving to a new nest…

Posted On September 3, 2009

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Thank you to all my followers! I’m back and we’re married!!!
Oh, and I’m also moving to a new site – please follow me over to my new blog His Birdie’s Nest 🙂 Pretty Please!


Tie One On

Posted On June 22, 2009

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A little over a month ago a learned about a great online shop to purchase ties called Tie Bar. After hearing from so many brides who had to drive to several different Macy’s to find enough of a certain tie, I thought, “Score! All the ties in one place AND I don’t have to leave my computer monitor.” (What? I have withdrawals).

This guy gets it

I found our ties the easy way by selecting ties that matched grey suits, easy schmeasy right?

“View All” and Ta-Da – the perfect tie!

This tie even comes in extra length, which was a pleasant surprise when I realized that was something our 6’7″ groomsman would probably need.

But wait, there’s more! They also carry pocket squares, so I was able to order three aqua (“Tiffany Blue) pocket squares for our the guys to wear instead of boutonnieres.
Baring any complications in their delivery, this was probably our easiest wedding purchase. What was your easiest wedding purchase?

Napkin, Napkin, Napkin

Posted On June 18, 2009

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Based in the title, you’re probably thinking this post is going to be about my linens, but it’s about calligraphy. As you learned in my fruity shower post, BM F and I met in college and that is when I learned, she would sit and practice her handwriting when she needed something to do with her hands. I can’t tell you how many times we’d be sitting in the cafeteria and I’d look down to see “Napkin” scrolled across her napkin (natch) a bazillion times in the most beautiful handwriting you’ve ever seen.

My handwriting isn’t bad, it worked great for our Engagement Party invites and STDIs, but it is more casual. So, naturally, I asked BM F if she would do the calligraphy for our Wedding Invitations.
Here are the sample she gave me today…
Option A:
Option B:
Option C:
Option D:
Option E:
Option F:
Options A & C are a little too fancy for my taste. Personally, I like the whimsy of the others more and it they will go better with our invitations.

Sneak Peak of our Proof

So Hive, what do you think?

Thanks for your help!

SYTYCD: Frenchie Edition

Posted On May 28, 2009

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This past Thursday Papa Frenchie and I went to our first dance lesson. Papa Frenchie didn’t really dance at his own wedding so Mama Frenchie still can’t believe taking dance lessons was his idea. My job was to find the studio and since I only knew of two in our area (Londance and Arthur Murray) I called the closest one, Londance. Pat (one of the owners) set us up with a free trial lesson to see how we liked everything and decide if we wanted to take more lessons.

Photo by Me. Sorry it’s dark :-/ 

Papa Frenchie and I had NO CLUE what our song would be going into this lesson, we just figured we picked something we could dance to. When we arrived we ran into our teacher, Lisa, at the front desk and she had our song picked before we even hit the dance floor.

I’m extra happy we’re using a Frank Sinatra song because it is definitely something our band will play well. SCORE! Lisa recommended this song because it’s the song her sister and father are using for their dance in her sister’s upcoming wedding and because it’s Foxtrottable (my word, not her’s). According to Lisa, your can foxtrot to any slower American song.

Lisa started us out with the basics. First up was a lesson in leading – like Ms Perfume, I have a nasty habit of trying to lead. Lisa had us face each other, put our hands on each other’s shoulders and simply walk. We learned that the man should always start with his left foot and the woman with her right.

Lesson two was the basic swing, according to Lisa you can swing to any faster American song. The combo was really fun and even had a turn.

Here’s Lisa showing Papa Frenchie how to spin me around…

Photos by Me, again.

Lesson three was the Foxtrot. You may know this one, it goes – slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. (Name that 80’s tune) Here we are mastering the new arm placement, I must have found it really funny.

Photo by Me, agian.

Lisa, described this dance as walking to music and it prety much is. We take 2 slow steps backward (or forward for Papa Frenchie) and then a quick side step together.


This diagram shows you going back the direction you came from, we didn’t learn that last night, but perhaps we will at our next lesson. Yep, Papa Frenchie and I had so much fun he signed the whole family up for a 25 lesson plan. Now I can go with Papa Frenchie or Mr Frenchie, Papa Frenchie go with me or Mama Frenchie, and even Sister Frenchie can get in on the action. They don’t normally let families share the same plan, but since it is a wedding Sean let us sign up that way because apparently, “Sean does what he wants” and we’re not complaining. Another cool part is that because we signed up for private lessons we can go to any group lesson for free and we can also attend their Friday group lesson/dance party.

A Special Thank You to Miss Bruschetta for introducing me to Lala.

Has any part of your wedding planning turned into a great family bonding activity? Are you taking dance lessons?

Attention Michael’s Shoppers!

Posted On May 22, 2009

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Anyone need Cuttlebug supplies? or scrapbooking supplies, for that guestbook project? Monday, May 25th, from 9am – 1pm bring in this coupon to get 20% off your ENTIRE purchase. Got that? THE WHOLE PURCHASE!
I don’t even have to go on my lunch break, since Monday is a holiday! I.AM.SO.THERE!

Strike Up The Band

Posted On April 30, 2009

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Finding our band (or DJ) was Mr Frenchie responsibility, so right after we decided to have the wedding at the Bernardo Winery, he went to task. The first email Mr Frenchie sent me was for an awesome “crooner”, David Patrone.


Mr Frenchie and I love Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Jamie Cullem (to name a few). (We always joke about whether we could afford to hire Michael Buble if we just got married in a tiny chapel in Vegas). Through David’s website and MySpace page we were able to give him a listen and agreed we HAD to have him! Go ahead and pop over to their website, I’ll wait…

Our problem, however, was we weren’t sure he’d fit in our budget.* I’m of the belief that it doesn’t hurt to ask (in most cases), but after our first conversation with David’s rep, Jeff, our answer was no. We had alotted about half of what they normally charge, a bummer, but we understood. David and his Quartet play all over San Diego and at swing competitions.

Turns out, it didn’t hurt to ask because about 2 weeks later we had a message from Jeff saying they would drop their price. I immediately called them back to make sure we weren’t dreaming. I could not believe our luck! They were including everything, the WHOLE DAY! David Patrone, the quartet and a DJ for after dinner dancing. Jeff emailed me a contract, Papa Frenchie looked it over and by the next Friday we had everything booked – Ceremony and cocktail music, David singing during dinner and Jeff DJ’ing after.

*Since my parents have generously offered to pay for our wedding I don’t think it is my place to discuss our budget because it involves my parent’s finances and not mine. I will say that I believe our budget is average but flexible, however I am trying my best stay within it as much as possible.

Are you getting any deals because it didn’t hurt to ask? Are you having a DJ or a band? or both?

The Frenchies Sniff Around for a Venue (Part 3)

Posted On April 21, 2009

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Mr Frenchie grew up on San Diego and his father and Best Man (remember B), still live very close to his hometown. We go down to San Diego at least once a month to visit FFIL Frenchie, B or hang out in a number of our favorite places. One of those favorite places is The Bernardo Winery.


While dating we went here a couple times for wine tasting and to walk around the grounds.

I may have mentioned it to Mr Frenche as a wedding venue once before, but it didn’t sink in for Mr Frenchie until we visited the winery after B’s wedding this past October. There was another wedding that day and Mr Frenchie looked at me and said, “We should get married here!” Since we weren’t engaged yet I just smiled and agreed and we went on with our day.
Come November, when we were looking around, Mr Frenchie was pushing for this location hardcore. I had trouble reaching their coordinator, Annie, and when I finally heard back the only available dates in August were Fridays and Sundays. I really wanted a Saturday wedding so we kept looking. The weekend after Thanksgiving Mr Frenchie and I spent the whole weekend driving all over Orange County and San Diego being disapointed by venue after venue. We were pretty depressed with our options and were considering going outside our confort zone to Temecula, in order to find a venue.
Thank God, when I got home there was an email from Annie letting us know a Saturday in August had opened up and to get back to her ASAP if we wanted it. That Monday, my first phone call was to Annie to snatch up that day and that is how we decided on our venue.

Our guest will arrive down Zinfandel Walkway, to Rosario’s Pavilion (on the left).


Inside the Pavilion, our ceremony will take place at Rosario’s Gazebo.


Our Cocktail hour will take place under this covered area and the reception will be on the grass.


Did you get your venue because of a cancellation?

The Frenchies Sniff Around for a Venue (Part 2)

Posted On April 21, 2009

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After deciding against the destination wedding we started looking at venues closer to home.

Option 1 – The Orange County Museum of Art
Honestly, I got this idea when a good friend of mine said she was considering the The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, so part of me wanted for forget this idea just in case she decided to have her wedding at the San Diego Museum. She won’t be getting married until 2010 (law school smarty, waiting til she graduates) and I don’t want to steal her wedding thunder.

Beautiful outdoor ceremony…


Modern/Contemporary Cocktail hour, inside…


Nice outdoor reception…


We didn’t end up going with this location, because, sadly, the city no longer allows them to do weddings. (However, they are still listed on Here Comes The Guild, so maybe they are permitted again). 
This location is only 2.5 miles from option #1 and both are 15 mins from my office. I pass The Sherman Library and Gardens everyday on my way home from work. This is a very popular wedding venue in my area and you can see why.
The problem we saw with this location was the ceremony site. If we decided to get married at the venue, instead of my church (a high possibility) it looked like our ceremony would have fountain in the middle of it.

No thanks!

Option 3 – Park Ave Restuarant – Stanton, CA
Mr Frenchie discovered this restaurant looking for 1950/60’s modern restuarants on the web. We thought it looked so cool, I took him there for his first birthday we celebrated together.

Photo by Me 


Like the Del Marcos in Palm Desert, this place has that mid-century modern style we love.

Plus, the food is FANTASTIC! I really cannot say enough good things about Park Ave. This place was a top contender for quite sometime, that is until we figured out our guest list, about 170 people. In order to fit all our guests in this location not everyone would be in the same room, or some people would be outside while others would be inside. Mr Frenchie and I were heartbroken. 
Did you find your dream venue only to realize your wedding wouldn’t fit?

Bonjour Hive!

Posted On April 20, 2009

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Bonjour Hive!
I am so shocked, excited, elated and more adjectives ending in ‘ed’ to become a “Bee”. I started reading Weddingbee months before Mr Frenchie and I became engaged and now with only 4 months left til The Big Day (OMG I only have 4 months), I can’t believe that cute little doggie is up there representing ME!
Why Miss Frenchie? Not only is this little doggie freakin’ adorable, but after Mr. Frenchie and I are married we’re considering adding a French Bulldog to our little family. We don’t currently live together, so we don’t have any pets, yet. My parents (whose house I current reside in) have two Westies, Barney and Benny. B&B are so cute, they convinced my not-a-pet-person Mr to actually want a dog after we’re married. I can’t wait to get our puppy after we’re all settled in.
I don’t want to give out all my secrets on the first post, but to let you know a little about me, I type like I talk. I often have to go back and read and re-read what I’ve written to make sure it make sense to someone other than me. I love exclamation points, capitalizing words in the middle of my sentences and starting those sentences with And. I live in Orange County, CA, Laguna Niguel to be more exact, but most people have no idea where that is. When Mr Frenchie and I met he lived 45 mins up the freeway from me and now he lives 10-15 min down a parkway.
And (see, did it already) now because I always love a face to go with a name, here is a picture of Mr Frenchie and Me.

School gets in the way

Posted On April 1, 2009

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YAY! Tonight is my last final for this quarter and then I get a WHOLE MONTH OFF! Hootie Hoo!

Do you know what that means? I can get some important wedding things done…
1 – Find a Florist (or meet with the florist we are most likely going to use)
2 – Cake Tasting
3 – Caterer Tasting
4 – Spend more time with FH (I should probably relocate this to the top)

I also get to do some fun stuff without worrying about the book I should be reading at home or the plan I should be drafting…
1 – Bridal Showers for friends… one is this Sunday (here) and Alisa, if you’re reading this DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK! Kisses!
2 – A fun weekend by the pool (here) with FH, BM J, GM J and my future Sister in Law
Like me, I’m sure “life” gets in the way of wedding planning; how do you schedule around it?

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