Hello, Birdies!

Posted On August 4, 2009

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Last week when I said Good-bye to my cute birdie place-card holders, Mama Frenchie and I tried to figure out a way to get some birdie goodness back in. Here is a sneak peak at what we’ve been working on.

It started with some of this…

Cut out some of these…

Shrink ’em down to these…

Who doesn’t like Shrinky Dinks!?! Our original plan was to make our own birdie place-card holders, but when we found the heartshaped memo clips we decided to put the birdies somewhere else. You can probably guess where, but you’ll have to wait to see them in action.
We made 130 of these bad boys! Did some thing that was once simple end up taking you a lot more time?

Bye, Bye, Birdies *sniff*

Posted On July 30, 2009

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Mama Frenchie received an email from My Wedding Favors on Tuesday saying that our adorable birdie favors were on backorder and wouldn’t be available until the Monday before the wedding.

I immediately called and asked what that meant. Did that mean the birds would ship on thatMonday? Because, then we would get them by Tuesday, which could work. Or, did that mean they would process my order again on that Monday? Because then I most definitely wouldn’t get them before Thursday, when I would no longer be in Orange County. Although, Michelle (with My Wedding Favors) was very helpful, understood my concern and apologized that it took them so long to notify me about the backorder. (I should have been notified 3 days after my order was placed, not 11, which is what happened), I still wasn’t confident that the order would come in time so I cancelled.

Mama Frenchie immediately sniffed around for other options. We really liked the photo/memo clip place card doubling as a favor idea. It was really hard to find plain memo clips.

Some of those would be really cute for someone else’s wedding, just not mine.

Luckily, Mama Frenchie found these on Displays2Go.

Aqua Base w/ Alligator Clip, Clear Base w/ Bird Clip, Aqua Base w/ Heart Clip

You may be thinking, “Bird clip! Miss Frenchie you should go with the bird clip!” Yeah, about that – I’m not a huge fan of the gold metal. I know I’m weird, it has a bird, it’s perfect… ish. We’re doing Birdie signs on all the table, coming out of the centerpieces, and the shaped of the those birdies don’t match the bird clip. (Mama Frenchie and I are working on that this weekend so I promise to blog about it soon). Mama Frenchie really wanted them to have a color and I wanted them to be more than just a cube and a clip, so we ended up ordering the Aqua Base with Heart Clip.

Now for the best part – Each birdie from My Wedding Favors was about $3.45/bird, it was pricey, but we liked them so much we went with it. The new favors are costing us $0.71/clip! 71 CENTS per clip!

Did a disappointment end up saving you money?

Thank you, Auntie S

Posted On July 15, 2009

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As you know Auntie S is hosting a Bridesmaids’ Luncheon honoring my bridesmaids and me. Auntie S has been in my life since I met BM J in 4th grade so I wanted to get her something special as a Thank You.

Auntie S is a very classy and stylish lady, so what better place to find a present for her than Gilt Groupe? (For those of you who don’t know about Gilt Groupe, it is an invite only website for discounts up to 70% on luxury brands).

The other day when I was checking the most recent Gilt Groupe sales I found this bracelet under Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry. There were several beautiful pieces, but one particular bracelet stood out to me and screamed, “AUNTIE S!”

Originally priced as a $75 bracelet, I snatched this baby up for $50 total, including shipping. Not only did I get a great deal and find a bracelet I know Auntie S is sure to love, it is also one of our wedding colors. This may be cheesy, but I love that I found her a thank you gift for something wedding related that ties into the wedding without being something about the wedding.

Have you found any great deals for your Thank You gifts?

* If you would like to join Gilt Groupe, you can click this link for my invitation.

Panty Line

Posted On June 5, 2009

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No, I’m not talking about a cheesy late-night phone commercial, I’m talking about a really cute Bridal or Bachlorette Party idea. I’m sure I’m not the only one on WeddingBee going to festivities for other brides, so I thought I share a gift idea I wish I’d come up with.

For my friends, Krissi’s recent Bachlorette Party, her sister, Britt found this really cute poem online:

I have a secret to share
About our little bride
She is obsessed with underwear
And that I cannot hide

So for our little panty queen
I gathered up some twine
And put the panties in a row
To make a panty line.

Krissi these undies are to last you
All throughout your life
And Andrew will be pleased to say
He has a sexy wife!

So listen up to hear about
Your lifelong panty plan
These underwear, we have no doubt
Will last your whole life span

The first are for your wedding day
Of course they are pure white
We know Kendall will shout, “Hooray!”
When he sees you on that night

The next are for your honeymoon
They’re sexy and all lace
We hope you’ll leave your hotel room
‘Cause Costa Rica is such a gorgeous place!

On Valentine’s you’ll wear this pair
Before you hit the bed
Cuz Cupid’s arrow in the air
Shoots tushies that are red

After a year has passed you’ll face
Anniversary number one
With these you’ll surely have a blast
‘Cuz leopard’s so much fun!
Then when the time is right for you
And don’t be saying, “Maybe”
You’ll wear your little pink or blue
In honor of your baby
And when your years of wedding bliss
Become the big 2-5
Don’t worry – you’ll just slip this on
To keep the sparks alive

When finally you’re old and gray
With these you can’t go wrong
‘Cuz sorry Krissi but at that age
You just can’t wear a thong

For each stanza of the poem she put the coresponding panty on the line.

Sorry the picture isn’t the best

From left to right she has Bridal Panties with a veil, a sexy black lacey pair, a sexy red lacey pair, a leopard print pair, the pink or blue pair, a cute pair that ties on the side, and a sassy ruffly pair by Honeydew. Britt said she found most of them at Fredrick’s and Nordstom Rack.

What are some cute shower gift ideas you’ve seen or used?