I’m so Excited! (and I just can’t hide it)

Posted On July 23, 2009

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Mr Frenchie has known since our first date that I am not a HUGE fan of Chinese Food. I’m surprised we went out again because Chinese is his favorite! Especially Chinese Buffets.

Mr Frenchie’s dream! (Source)

Since I’m not an evil French Bulldog, I do go to Chinese with Mr Frenchie occasionally. However, I’m also not a dumb French Bulldog so we made a deal and we switch off between Sushi (my favorite) and Chinese. Currently, were on Sushi because Mr Frenchie foolishly suggested Pick-Up Stix for dinner last night. HA! That means I get to squeeze in one more Sushi dinner before our rehearsal dinner.

Yes, that’s right, I agreed to have Chinese food for our rehearsal dinner. A couple months ago, Mr Frenchie and I were spending a weekend in San Diego. It was Chinese’s food turn and Mr Frenchie wanted to take me to a restaurant he used to go with FMIL Frenchie, called China Camp. (For you San Diegians this is behind the pink Denny’s on PCH).


“China Camp at Fat City is a theme restaurant, a re-creation of the 19th century camps where Chinese immigrants lived while building railroads, working in mines and working at other grueling jobs. So you’ll see waterwheels, old photos, camp memorabilia, hanging abacuses and a huge Chinese dragon — all meant to commemorate the immigrants’ struggle while celebrating their contributions as culinary artists.” – Kat Forcades signonsandiego

I wish I had a picture of the inside! China Camp was the most enjoyable Chinese restaurant experience I had ever had. In fact,
I was the one who suggested it as a rehearsal dinner spot. Shock and Surprise Mr Frenchie was in 😉

Now, with our Wedding invitations off in the mail and our RSVPs rolling in, we needed to get crackin’ on the rehearsal dinner invites. One reason I hadn’t started was because I had NO CLUE what I was going to do. That was until I saw what Mrs Gummi Bear did for The Toucan’s first anniversary and I knew! I contacted Gummi and she drew this awesome picture of Mr Frenchie and me on a Chinese take-out box.

I was going to hold off and show these to you after my order from Vista Print had come in and I had already mailed them out. But, no-one in my family, except my awesome cousin Katie, reads WB and I know she won’t spoil the surprise. (Hint, Hint Katie). So, with Gummi’s adorable illustration I went to Vista Print and did a little magic with an oversized postcard.



I seriously cannot wait to get these in the mail! A special thanks to Mrs Gummi for getting this to me while she was in the middle of moving! I heart you Gummi 🙂

Are you having a less than conventional rehearsal dinner?

**If you’re intersted in a Super Cute illustration by Gummi, hop over to her etsy shop, franceslovesyou.**


I’m Just Not That Fancy

Posted On June 24, 2009

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To say I don’t change up my jewelry very often would be a gross understatement. I wear the same earrings, bracelet and watch everyday. I will occasionally wear a different necklace, but most days it’s the Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant from Tiffany & Co.


All thought I’ve worn them everyday since my Junior Winter Formal, for our wedding I’m planning on wearing the diamond earrings shown above. Papa Frenchie gave them to Mama Frenchie in the beginning of their marriage and Mama Frenchie gave them to me almost 12 years ago.
However, I do think I should wear a different necklace, so I’ve been trolling everyone’s favorite go to shopping place, Etsy. I’ve found several different options and I need your help. What should I wear?

Option A – Eternity Pearl Ring Necklace by heatherberry
Option B – Single Sterling Branch Necklace by cj

Option C – Divine Lariat by lizix26
Option D – Rustic Little Nest (sterling silver) by lizix26

Option E – Multi Strand Swarovski White Pearl Bridal Wedding Necklace by shacara

Option F – Oh So Fancy – Fresh Water Pearl on Silver by LaraLeighDesigns

As you can see I have a Pearl theme. Mr Frenchie has expressed interest in me wearing pearls and I think a delicate pearl necklace would compliment my dress.

What do you think?
Option A – Eternity Pearl Ring
Option B – Sterling Branch
Option C – Divine Lariat
Option D – Rustic Little Nest
Option E – Multi Strand
Option F – Fresh Water Pearl
Option G – I found something even better

Guess who flew in yesterday?

Posted On April 16, 2009

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If you guested our cake topper by Etsy seller SueBeeHB, you’re right! I know already! I received an email from Sue on Tuesday letting me know she had mailed the birds and THE NEXT DAY they arrived at home! Granted I only live about 25 miles from Sue, but I was still excited. They came in a cute box that reminded me of a Twitter question Sara with Stinkerpants Designs asked a few weeks ago regarding the packing she mailed her cards with and I stand corrected it is more exciting when something comes in a fun package.
I would still have been really excited to receive them in the just the priority mail box, but the special packaging made them seem more homemade and from the heart. 
Inside the birds were nestled in safely…
nestledbirds1You can see FH’s birdie there on top.
and here we they are…
birdies2See FH’s yellow bout! I can’t get over how cute they are! 
Okay, last one, here they are on their base…
What is your favorite wedding purchase so far?

Cake Topper

Posted On March 26, 2009

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Ever since I saw The Penguins’ cake topper, made by her friend Jenny Louwheeeeze, I wanted birds on top of our cake!
Hello, I love birds and I’m hisbirdie and he’s a bird if I’m a bird and we’re the love birds, it is perfect!

There were several etsy shops I’d stalked in the past months, eyeing their birdie goodness and yesterday I decided it was probably about time I made a decision and ordered one because if I was going to custom order some birds I needed to give the artist enough time for her (or his) creative process.

Since, the best way to get FH’s opinion on something is to send him my research I put together a word document of all my favorites his choices and emailed it off.
Here are the birds it included…
1 – Karingrow’s Mr & Mrs Lemondrop (we could get this one or order a custom one like it)
 2 – Rain’s End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 1)
3 – Rain’s End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 2)

4 – SueBeeHB’s Vintage Style (also one we could order or request a custom one)

5 – CornFlakeGirl Custom Wedding Topper
6 – CottonBirdDesigns Linen and Satin Love Birds (can also do a custom order)
7 – RedLightStudio Small hand painted Love Birds w/ Nest
Can you guess which one we chose? Which one would you choose?