Five for Friday

Posted On August 7, 2009

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Previous Fridays

Who knew when I got so close to the wedding things would get this crazy? Everyone but me? Yeah, so it seems. Anyway, a special thank you to for reminding me I have a weekly feature on Friday. I think with all the stress of wedding planning this is a good time to stop and remember this is all for my wedding to an amazing man 🙂 Thanks Jenna!

Since I missed a few weeks, I think I should catch-up…

191 – You let me register us for polka dot flatware
192 – You bought me the wedding ring of my dreams even though it wasn’t easy to find
193 – You understood I needed your help and volunteered to go to Tall Mouse
194 – You’re an excellent griller
195 – Although you think it’s red, you agreed to get a dark pink paint for our bedroom

196 – You often surprise me with how funny you are
197 – You said you would keep our apartment as clean as I wanted, you would take my lead
198 – You are super excited to use our new vacuum
199 – You bought plants for our new place
200 – You laugh at how much I am drawn to new bowls in stores

201 – You’ve agreed to watch Friends once we’ve moved in together (this may be a repeat, but it is HUGE)
202 – You said you’re favorite memory with me was flying to Northern CA… I can’t wait to fly with you again
203 – You humor my dire need to get us a trashcan
204 – You are horrible at doing dishes
205 – You were/are so excited to paint our apartment


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