Bride Brain

Posted On July 16, 2009

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Wait… what was I writing about again?

Oh, right, Bride Brain. I’m normally not a very forgetful person. I remember to call people back, I reply to an email almost immediately (if I know the answer) and I am rarely late (unless I’m going to work).

I am what some people might refer to as impatient. I also try to employ the “Golden Rule” whenever possible – you know? Treat others as you would like to be treated. Thus, I want responses right away, so I try to respond to others right away. I would like my “dates” to be prompt, so I aim to do the same for others. That is until lately. It isn’t like I’ve become a flake on purpose, or I don’t care all of a sudden. I am just really forgetful lately. Embarrassingly so.I’ve been able to keep in contact with a sorority sister from college (Theta Love!) who lives near my office, through the wonder that is Facebook. I was supposed to meet her for lunch two weeks ago and I COMPLETELY forgot. She showed up with her new baby and I never did. I called her immediately after I realized my extreme faux pas (about an hour after I was supposed to meet her) to apologize, but I felt horrible. Who does that? Not me… or the non-overworked-too-much-on-her-plate me. I did something similar to our officiant this past Sunday!

A couple weeks ago I order 3 necklaces for my bridesmaids from Lara Leigh Designs on Etsy. She offered to let me write up a personal message to attached to each gift. She had to email me this week, to remind me to send the messages. D’oh!

Thank you notes for my showers? They’re sitting on my desk all written out and all they need are addresses and stamps. I have forgotten for weeks to do that on my lunchbreak and they are sitting right next to my purse.

So, why am I acting so unlike myself? I blame it on work, school and planning a wedding. The Frenchie wedding is fast approaching and I simply have too much on my plate. Luckily, my finals are next week and then I one less thing to worry about.

Are you experiencing Bride Brain?


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