I’m a Cougar *rawr*

Posted On July 9, 2009

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Confession: Another reason I wanted to get married on July 4th was, I wanted to be the same age as Mr Frenchie when we got married.


Back when I used to plan out my life, I planned to get married when I was 26. That way, Sister Frenchie would 21 and able to participate in all the bachloretter activities. Good reason, right? Well, at 26 I broke up with my a$$hole ex-boyfriend and met the love of my life, Mr Frenchie. I knew I wasn’t getting married at 26, but I knew he was the man I was going to marry.

Now 3 years later, I’m turning 29 (today) and getting married next month. Mr Frenchie, however, won’t be turning 29 until the end of August, while we are on our honeymoon. How silly is it that this bothers me? I don’t mind being 29. Heck, I’m not even freaking out about almost being 30. But, I’m still a little hung up on having our wedding in the 6 weeks between our birthdays. It’s not like your age goes on your marriage certificate. (Right?) No one will know and the ones that do, I sure, wont even think about it.

So, there you have it. I’m the cougar *rawr*, robbing the cradle etc.

Am I alone? Anyone else crazy like me?


2 Responses to “I’m a Cougar *rawr*”

  1. jeannine

    happy birthday πŸ™‚ that is such a cute story about age. i’m a bit the same way, we are getting married 3 days before the fiance’s bday, which leaves us the same age on our wedding day.

  2. Kelly (kjpugs)

    Yay! Thanks for visiting the new blog! Fun info- FI and I also met online, but on MYSPACE! YIKES! Not even some of my closest friends know… cause it’s… myspace, ick. If it had been a REAL dating site maybe we could actually come to terms with it! I messaged him something about Chuck Norris and he responded… together ever since! Can’t wait to keep reading! πŸ™‚

    Oh and if you like the puggie shirts, their pug blog is http://pugandbugg.blogspot.com

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