Heat Stroke

Posted On June 29, 2009

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This past weekend Mr Frenchie and I flew up to Northern California to visit his family and attend the wedding of my dear friends Alisa and Joe.

Girl Friends and their bling πŸ™‚

We had a blast and the wedding was beautiful! The details came together perfectly and really represented the couple’s “preppy” style.

The wedding was held at a Country Club where Joe, used to be a golf instructor. Check out that Cake and the Ring Bearer!

The only hitch in an otherwise perfect weekend was the heat.

For an area that is normally in the high 70s this time of year, the 100 degree heat was a shocker. As sweat was dripping down my legs durning cocktail hour I started to worry – What if it was this hot for our wedding? Although black, my dress for Alisa and Joe’s wedding was really light weight. My beautiful Paigely? Notsomuch. I mean, it’s not crazy heavy or anything, but it is still a full length lace wedding dress.
According to weather.com the average high in August is 89. I can live with 89, but I cannot live with the record high of 109! The website also says that July is the hottest month in Rancho Bernado, so I’m hoping this bodes well for our late August wedding.
As much as I would like to admit weather.com calmed my nerves, I am still worried it may be unbearably hot at our outdoor wedding. I’m thinking I should buy a back up reception dress just in case. If I don’t end up needing it, I can just return it or sell it. One of the bridesmaid’s at Alisa’s wedding said she bought a back-up reception dress on sale at Neiman Marcus. Luckily she thought ahead, because at her wedding two weeks earlier, a heat wave hit in the normally cool town of Half Moon Bay, CA.
I would love to find the exact dress I wore this weekend in white, but unfortunately I bought that dress on sale at White House/Black Market and they never carried it in white. So, I checked out all the great suggestions everyone gave Miss Mary Jane and found a dress I really like.


Are you worried about the weather for you wedding? Have you bought a back-up dress?


One Response to “Heat Stroke”

  1. StefK

    I was married last August (in Sacramento)…it was 107 on the Thursday before!! But, it actually never got over 85 on our wedding day! You never know, truly!! I’d never even considered a separate reception dress…A/C comforted me πŸ™‚

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