So you need more stuff on your registry?

Posted On June 19, 2009

Filed under DIY

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Looking over her registry the other day, a friend of mine asked me for suggestions on things she could add. I came up with a list of things some people don’t think to add and a couple things Mr Frenchie and I love to use.

1 – Tools – Right now, any tool I want is at my disposal in my parents garage. My dad is a contractor, so I pretty much have my pick of screw drivers, drill bits, hammers and pliers. Target sell this great 133 piece Home Project set by Black and Decker. I’m really excited at the possibilty of having my very own power drill!2 – Step Ladder – Another item I use frequently at my parents house, that won’t be so accessable when I move in with Mr Frenchie. I’m 5’2″ and he’s 6’2″, but I he wont be there to reach stuff for me all the time and I’d like to avoid hurting my chairs as much as possible. This 3-step ladder by Wagner Steel can also be found at Target.
3 – Compost Pail – My Frenchie and I are big Foodies and just signed a lease on an apartment with a large paio. We can’t wait to start growing our own herbs and some veggies. I found this compost pail at Crate and Barrel. The design is nice enough to leave out near the sink so I’ll remember to use it.

4 –Charcoal Grill – Growing up Mr Frenchie used to help his Dad out on their Weber Grill. About a year ago his father gave him that grill and ever since I’ve been a DIE hard charcoal fan. Trust me, nothing beats a burger off a charcoal grill. Target carries this Weber 22.5” one.

5 – Raclette Grill – We discovered this item while wondering around Sur La Table one afternoon and it has made for some great entertaining. Basically it is a griddle top that is raised up so you can metal cheese in spatulas underneath. We chose this, Swissmar Raclette Grill, because it opened options for breakfast. The griddle flips over with a circle to make crepes and you can use the spatulas to make your own mini omelettes.
What are some less than common items on your registry you would recommend to a friend?


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