Let’s Make-up… my face

Posted On June 12, 2009

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Hi, my name is Miss French Bulldog, I have HORRIBLE skin and I cannot believe I am about to post this on the internet for the world to see. I must really love you readers! (Awe)

This past Sunday I drove down to San Diego for my make-up trial with Ashley Lowe of AC Makeup. Ashley was recommended to me by Mr Frenchie’s bestman’s wife, Lindsay (did you get all that?). Lindsay didn’t use Ashley for her wedding, but she had heard wonderful things about her from her friends on Bridal Insider. Plus Lindsay wanted to keep me far away from her make-up artist because, well, that was a nightmare. Okay, enough stalling, here is everyday Miss French Bulldog.

Lemme just point out the lovely zit on the corner of my mouth and I’ll stop with the self deprecation. See it? Okay, I’m done.

One of the reasons Ashley is to highly recommended is she uses an airbrush. Awe, it was so relaxing; it was like a cool breeze blowing across my face. Ashley told me she always does the bride last because the airbrushing is really calming and can help de-stress a stressed out bride. I’m not planning on being a stressed out bride, I’m hoping channel my inner Tiramisu, but just in case this will surely help out. I was such a bad bride and forgot to bring inspiration pictures… Oops. So, I told Ashley I wanted to look natural/not to made up, and I wanted the “Hollywood Eye”. After chatting for about an hour, I was transformed into this lovely creature.

Can you tell I don’t normally take pictures of myself? Where did my chin go?
Unlike the make-up I had done for my engagement photos, the airbrused make-up felt very light, in fact, I could hardly tell I had make-up on. We also opted for individual eyelash exentions, instead of the completely eyelid lenght ones I bought for my e-pics.

I think the individual ones look more natural, don’t you?

Metal note: Return the Loehmann’s bag

Here is a list of the colors she used: Eyes Primer – Paula Dorff Eyelid – Retrospect (MAC) Crease – Wedge (MAC) Highlight – Vanilla/Phloof (MAC) Liner – Blacktrack (MAC) Face Cheeks – Gingerly/Blushbaby (MAC) Lips Lipstick – Viva Glam 5 (MAC) Lip Liner – Whirl (MAC) So Hive, what do you think? Would you change anything?


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