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Posted On June 10, 2009

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My fabulously fruity shower was this past Saturday and I’m still waiting for the rest of the pictures to roll. In the meantime I’m going to show you what I ended up giving my ladies as a “Thank You”.

Sister Frenchie and BM J’s gifts were very similar. While they didn’t “host” the shower, I know they put a lot of work into making the shower happen. I wanted to get them something to show my appreciation.
I got these SUPER cute and totally fitting Cherry bags at my local Hallmark.

Inside a gave each girl a sampling of my favorite “Shower” products. Sister Frenchie got two travel sized Product Body products and a tube of FAVORITE Mary Kay Scrub.

BM J also got a tube of the Mary Kay scrub and she also got the travel sized lotion from Product Body, and two of Bath and Body Works’ anti-bacterial lotions for her purse in my favorite scents, Fresh Pineapple and Lime Verbena. With a toddler on her hands she can never have enough anti-bacterial in her purse.
For BM F, the shower Hostess, I picked up a couple things I knew she wanted from Crate and Barrel. BM J, BM F and I had gone shopping together a few weeks earlier. BM F had found a bunch of stuff from she wanted at Crate and Barrel, but couldn’t justify buying. I, of course, took note and came back the next day to snatch them up.

1 – Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool – After watching a lot of Food Network while I was sick yesterday, I was surprised to see how many recipes call for zest.
2 – Citrus Juice Glass – BM F’s kitchen is done in a citrus theme and these glasses match it perfectly!
3 – Mini Bowl Set – Who doesn’t need prep bowls that match their kitchen?

I love giving gifts!I was almost more excited to give these than go to the shower itself. What was your favorite gift you gave durning your wedding festivities?


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