Flowers: Take Two

Posted On May 26, 2009

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Remember my post full of flower over-stimulation? This weekend the French Bulldog Clan (Mr Frenchie, Mama Frenchie, MOH/Sister Frenchie and I) is going to the winery for the cake testing (more on that to come) and our florist, Joyce, is going to have a mock-up of our centerpieces for us. Turns out is will look a lot less like this…


and a little more like this…


*Sigh* I’ve been absolutely IN LOVE with that daisy ball centerpiece from Amanda Auer and The Treasured Petal in a saw it on EAD Weddings in December, but I cannot justify the almost $25 more a centerpiece price tag. So I am happily and voluntarily (Mama Frenchie offered for the daisy ball) turning to option #2.
I’ve had a little crush on this style since Mr Frenchi and I went to his Step Brother’s wedding almost 3 years ago. FSIL Frenchie won our centerpiece, but because I liked it so much she let me have it.

Photo by Me  

I still have the base and use it to arrange gerber daisies all the time. However since we won’t be using votives on the table our arrangement will need to a bit larger. I hoping we can do this by using globe vases…



This also give the round shape I liked from the Daisy centerpiece. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Joyce has put together.

What have you scaled back on in the interest of saving money?


One Response to “Flowers: Take Two”

  1. honeymyheart

    yes we scaled back a bit. instead of having a big ball of gerbera daisies and carnations, and 2 stem vases, we’ve opted for 5 small stem vases.

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