Five for Friday

Posted On May 8, 2009

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Previous Fridays

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142 – You kiss my nose
143 – You love me just the way I am
144 – Costco Hotdog Lunches
145 – You really care about the fish you’re roomie has in the apartment


2 Responses to “Five for Friday”

  1. LatteLove

    I’m in love with these posts. I think I’ve said it before.

    my southern californian fiance once took me to Costco for a hotdug lunch (on the way to the airport to say goodbye again) and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t as giddy as a little kid about it.

    Don’t worry, I got giddy. We spent less than $5 on lunch for the both of us. and it was really delicious.

  2. hisbirdie

    Thanks Latte! Yeah, Costco hotdogs get us really excited around here 🙂 I’m glad they got you all giddy.

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