The Frenchies Sniff Around for a Venue (Part 3)

Posted On April 21, 2009

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Mr Frenchie grew up on San Diego and his father and Best Man (remember B), still live very close to his hometown. We go down to San Diego at least once a month to visit FFIL Frenchie, B or hang out in a number of our favorite places. One of those favorite places is The Bernardo Winery.


While dating we went here a couple times for wine tasting and to walk around the grounds.

I may have mentioned it to Mr Frenche as a wedding venue once before, but it didn’t sink in for Mr Frenchie until we visited the winery after B’s wedding this past October. There was another wedding that day and Mr Frenchie looked at me and said, “We should get married here!” Since we weren’t engaged yet I just smiled and agreed and we went on with our day.
Come November, when we were looking around, Mr Frenchie was pushing for this location hardcore. I had trouble reaching their coordinator, Annie, and when I finally heard back the only available dates in August were Fridays and Sundays. I really wanted a Saturday wedding so we kept looking. The weekend after Thanksgiving Mr Frenchie and I spent the whole weekend driving all over Orange County and San Diego being disapointed by venue after venue. We were pretty depressed with our options and were considering going outside our confort zone to Temecula, in order to find a venue.
Thank God, when I got home there was an email from Annie letting us know a Saturday in August had opened up and to get back to her ASAP if we wanted it. That Monday, my first phone call was to Annie to snatch up that day and that is how we decided on our venue.

Our guest will arrive down Zinfandel Walkway, to Rosario’s Pavilion (on the left).


Inside the Pavilion, our ceremony will take place at Rosario’s Gazebo.


Our Cocktail hour will take place under this covered area and the reception will be on the grass.


Did you get your venue because of a cancellation?


One Response to “The Frenchies Sniff Around for a Venue (Part 3)”

  1. Michelle @ My Wedding Report

    Hey we missed you on Friday, but from the facebook pictures it looks like you had a fun weekend! Congrats on becoming a bee by the way!!! When do you debut? Maybe we can do another meet up soon down there or we could just do a mini meet up since I live 10 minutes from Laguna Niguel!

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