The Frenchies Sniff Around for a Venue

Posted On April 21, 2009

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Before Mr Frenchie and I were engaged we used to throw around ideas on where to get married. Very early on in our relationship we talked about The Labrador’s city of Savannah, GA. Like I said, I’m a Southern girl at heart, I was born in Atlanta, GA and used to visit my family just outside Baltimore, MD once a year. We dreamt of a wedding with “Southern Romantic Charm”, in a beautiful location such as this.

Look familiar?

But, alas, when it came down to it planning a wedding across the country, in a city neither of us had ever been to, while we both work full-time and I’m in school, just wasn’t realistic. This was about the time we realized we probably shouldn’t plan a destination wedding, even if it was still in CA. That crossed Napa, Los Olivos, and Camarillo off the list.

Napa Source

Los Olivos Source

Camarillo Source

And a venue of a completely different nature, The Del Marcos Hotel, Palm Springs, CA. Along with loving all things Southern Charm, the Frenchies love Mid Century Modern. Mr Frenchie discovered this hotel while looking for places to take his best friend (and now Best Man) for his Rat Pack themed Bachlor party, when he was getting married. Mr Frenchie and his Best Man, B, are all about modernism, Mr Frenchie and my first date was the weekend after he and B had gone to Modernism Week.

Cocktail Hour by the pool.

Getting Ready pics in this cool room

Did you and your Mr dream of wedding locations before getting engaged? Did you dream of a destination wedding only to realize the logistics wouldn’t work?

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