Bonjour Hive!

Posted On April 20, 2009

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Bonjour Hive!
I am so shocked, excited, elated and more adjectives ending in ‘ed’ to become a “Bee”. I started reading Weddingbee months before Mr Frenchie and I became engaged and now with only 4 months left til The Big Day (OMG I only have 4 months), I can’t believe that cute little doggie is up there representing ME!
Why Miss Frenchie? Not only is this little doggie freakin’ adorable, but after Mr. Frenchie and I are married we’re considering adding a French Bulldog to our little family. We don’t currently live together, so we don’t have any pets, yet. My parents (whose house I current reside in) have two Westies, Barney and Benny. B&B are so cute, they convinced my not-a-pet-person Mr to actually want a dog after we’re married. I can’t wait to get our puppy after we’re all settled in.
I don’t want to give out all my secrets on the first post, but to let you know a little about me, I type like I talk. I often have to go back and read and re-read what I’ve written to make sure it make sense to someone other than me. I love exclamation points, capitalizing words in the middle of my sentences and starting those sentences with And. I live in Orange County, CA, Laguna Niguel to be more exact, but most people have no idea where that is. When Mr Frenchie and I met he lived 45 mins up the freeway from me and now he lives 10-15 min down a parkway.
And (see, did it already) now because I always love a face to go with a name, here is a picture of Mr Frenchie and Me.


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