Rays of Sunshine (Part 2)

Posted On April 15, 2009

Filed under Bridesmaids

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Having kinda put the BM dress thing on hold MOB, MOH, BM F and I went on my 3rd wedding dress finding excursion. A good thing about click here“>Jinny’s is they also have a larger BM dress selection as well. So while I was in my tiny changing room with Lynn, MOH and BM F were able to look at BM dresses.
Unfortunately, since Jinny’s doesn’t allow photos unless you have already purchases something, I don’t have pictures of all the dress they tried on, but I was able to find a couple of them on the Dessy website.
Dessy Style 2721
Dessy After Six Style 6524
and something similar to this but with spaghetti straps
Dessy After Six Style 6273

There were two similar dresses to the After Six Style 6273 that look nice on both MOH and BM F, but we thought the second one, After Six Style 6524, was really cute with the ruffle at the bottom. All I had to do was come back later in the week with BM J to see how it looked on her and we were set! I could not believe we were already finished choosing a bridesmaid dress.

What aspect of your wedding did you find surprisingly easy?


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