Lunching with my Bridesmaids

Posted On April 8, 2009

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About a year ago, or more… it was definitely before FH and I were engaged, BM J’s mom (we’ll call her Auntie S) generously offered to host my Bridesmaid’s Lucheon. Once it was decided that our wedding would be in San Diego, BM J and Auntie S started brainstorming where to host the luncheon. I knew the restaurant would be fancy because Auntie S doesn’t mess around, just look at where BM J had her luncheon (more than 5 years ago)…

las-brisas1 source

But I had no idea it would this fantastic! Check out the the first place they suggested, Georges California Modern in La Jolla.

georges source for all above pics

Whether we end up inside or outside (we all prefer outside) this place is perfect for a lunch with all my ladies, FMIL, FSIL and out of town guests.

I know some people do the Bridesmaid Luncheon differently, since BM J’s was the first one I went to I’ve always know it as an event hosted by a close family friend where you invite the BMs (of course) your future female in-laws and any female out-of-town guests that are in town. But, I know some Bride’s host their own luncheon and just invite their BMs, I’ve also been to one of these and it was a lot of fun and very intimate.

Are you doing a Bridesmaid’s Luncheon? Who hosts it? Who do you invite?


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