School gets in the way

Posted On April 1, 2009

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YAY! Tonight is my last final for this quarter and then I get a WHOLE MONTH OFF! Hootie Hoo!

Do you know what that means? I can get some important wedding things done…
1 – Find a Florist (or meet with the florist we are most likely going to use)
2 – Cake Tasting
3 – Caterer Tasting
4 – Spend more time with FH (I should probably relocate this to the top)

I also get to do some fun stuff without worrying about the book I should be reading at home or the plan I should be drafting…
1 – Bridal Showers for friends… one is this Sunday (here) and Alisa, if you’re reading this DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK! Kisses!
2 – A fun weekend by the pool (here) with FH, BM J, GM J and my future Sister in Law
Like me, I’m sure “life” gets in the way of wedding planning; how do you schedule around it?


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