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Posted On March 31, 2009

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To say Mr French Bulldog has had some bad roommates would be a gross understatement. I could write a post on each one of them, but that isn’t the point so I’ll just run by a few of the highlights…

Previous Roommate #1 – Crazy lady who was okay when she took her meds, but when she didn’t, she would have conversations with her cats and couldn’t be trusted with knives. Obviously she was on her meds when he went to look at the place.

Previous Roommate #2 –  While Mr Frenchie”s BFF was visiting, and his roommate was at “work”, the repo-man came to repossess RM#2’s stuff.

Previous Roommate #3 – This roommate got jealous of all the time Mr Frenchie was spending with me, and as things between them started to go bad, RM#3 thought it would be a good idea to buy a TUBA and practice it at all hours of the day and night. 

Previous Roommate #4 – Completely forgot a conversation about the rent they had had 30 mins previous. Mr Frenchie had to have the entire conversation again… RM#4 didn’t remember it AT ALL. We’re also fairly certain he was in jail when he said he went to Hawaii for a few weeks. (These are just the highlights people).

Previous Roommate #5 –  (Or RM#5’s mother) RM#5’s Mother,  sublet her room to Mr Frenchie when she moved in with her boyfriend. Even though she no longer lived in the apartment she still though it was alright to host dinner parties and Sunday brunches without even warning Mr Frenchie.

Current Roommate (#6) – To be fair RM#6 is the most normal of the bunch, it was his ex-fiance that was the problem. She’s out of the picture now, hence the “ex”, but that was after the night he came home to find 3 cop cars, 1 fire truck and 1 EMT vehicle parked out front.

Everytime I hear a new story about a previous roommate or current roommate (at the time) I tell him, “I promise I wouldn’t do that when we live together.” Some people ask us why we don’t just move-in together now and some of you are probable wondering the same thing as you read this… that is something we both agreed, from the get go, we didn’t want to do until we were married. After all the emergency vehicles and with the wedding getting closer, it is tempting to just move in together, but we’re sticking to our guns. We have nothing against people that live together before they are married, in fact most of our friends have done it, we just want to leave something for when we’re married.

Have you decided to hold off living together until after your married?


2 Responses to “His next Roommate”

  1. LatteLove

    good for you for waiting! It’s so rare these days.

    I get why people don’t do it for religious reasons (i.e. they have no convictions themselves), but from a logical standpoint–I just can’t imagine having every perk of getting marired before marriage, so the only highlight of the wedding is a big party. I can imagine that is a little dissapointing if mariage doesn’t change anything at all.
    Anyway, I’m 2,200 miles away from my fiance until a couple days before the wedding, so we’re not living together for moral, religious and practical reasons. My life is going to be completely turned upside down after the wedding, and I can’t wait!

  2. hisbirdie

    Wow after being so far away, living together will be a nice change. I can’t wait either 🙂

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