And the winner is…

Posted On March 27, 2009

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Drum roll please… and the winner is…

#4 – SueBeeHB’s Vintage Style 
I was so excited that FH chose this couple because I LOVE the groom birdie and how much his suit resembles FH’s suit. 
I know I probably could have custom ordered a similar suit from any of those talented artists, but these two just spoke to us. 
Sue is a very nice woman and wonderful to work with. These birds (acutally most of the birds) were too big for our preference, and Sue said it wouldn’t be a problem to make them smaller. In fact her daughter is getting married soon and wants smaller birds as well. 

And now for a confession… I actually bought another set! I know, I know, I have a problem!
The Small hand painted Love Birds w/ Nest by RedLightStudio (#7) were just to freakin’ cute I couldn’t pass them up, so I bought them yesterday. I think I’m going to put them on our Sweetheart Table.


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