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Posted On March 26, 2009

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Ever since I saw The Penguins’ cake topper, made by her friend Jenny Louwheeeeze, I wanted birds on top of our cake!
Hello, I love birds and I’m hisbirdie and he’s a bird if I’m a bird and we’re the love birds, it is perfect!

There were several etsy shops I’d stalked in the past months, eyeing their birdie goodness and yesterday I decided it was probably about time I made a decision and ordered one because if I was going to custom order some birds I needed to give the artist enough time for her (or his) creative process.

Since, the best way to get FH’s opinion on something is to send him my research I put together a word document of all my favorites his choices and emailed it off.
Here are the birds it included…
1 – Karingrow’s Mr & Mrs Lemondrop (we could get this one or order a custom one like it)
 2 – Rain’s End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 1)
3 – Rain’s End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 2)

4 – SueBeeHB’s Vintage Style (also one we could order or request a custom one)

5 – CornFlakeGirl Custom Wedding Topper
6 – CottonBirdDesigns Linen and Satin Love Birds (can also do a custom order)
7 – RedLightStudio Small hand painted Love Birds w/ Nest
Can you guess which one we chose? Which one would you choose?


2 Responses to “Cake Topper”

  1. LatteLove

    I hope you picked #4 the vintage style one! That’s my favorite

    and hey–I’m a weddingbee addict and found you there. Just wanted to say hi!

  2. Carly

    They’re so cute! I love #2 and #4. Which one did you pick?!?

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