Wedding Day MUST Haves

Posted On March 11, 2009

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There are a few things I MUST have at my disposal on our wedding day…

#1 FH – Hello can’t have our Wedding without this guy!

FH very excited our first time celebrating his birthday.

but since he doesn’t fit in my clutch, I’ll just talk about those things…
#2 – Blood Sugar Tester – My FreeStyle Lite tester goes with me whereever I go. A diabetic should never be without her tester 🙂

#3 – Insulin Pump – Because I am a Type I Diabetic, I am insulin dependant. I have chosen to manage my Diabetes with an Insulin Pump, in order to keep in better control and stay healthier.
pump#4 – Insulin – (and spare syringes) this should be pretty self explanatory after #2 & #3… the spare syringes are just in case I my pump does’t work. This is very rare, but I always carry extra just in case.

#5 – Aquaphor – I’m sure anyone with a Chapstick Addiction can relate to this one. I love Aquaphor. My sister introduced me to it a few months ago; she started using it during her works outs because it lasted longer than our favorite Softlips and she thought I’d want to use it for working out as well. Well, I do and I just it more often then my Softlips now. I’ve also started using it on chapped skin or scabs I want to heal prettier. I wasn’t sure it was actually helping my scars until today when I went to see the Dermatologist and ended up having to have a mole on my boobie removed (I feel weird without it). The Dr gave me Aquaphor to put on the area he stitched up so help with scaring! SCORE!


#6 – Laura Mercier Lip Stain – In Sugar Violet to be exact. If you haven’t tried this lip colour yet, I highly recommend it (in any color you choose). I hate the way lipstick feels on my lips and this is lighter to me and last MUCH longer.
What are you Wedding Day Must Haves?


2 Responses to “Wedding Day MUST Haves”

  1. Jenna

    You put the aquaphor (it looks like lotion to me), on your lips? If so, I have got to try this!

  2. hisbirdie

    It’s actually more of a salve, it comes out clearish… and I didn’t know it wasn’t lipstuff until today. The tube I have it about the same size and feel as this.

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