Oh yeah, that’s right, I have a Fiance.

Posted On March 5, 2009

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Do you ever have those, oh yeah that’s right, I’m and adult moments? Sure you do! I had one of those this week, but it was more of an Oh yeah, I have a fiance for that!


Monday on my way to work my car (Betty) overheated. I pulled over on the shoulder and immediately called my office to let them know I’d be late. Next call was to FH, poor guy had decided to call in sick Monday because he’s had trouble sleeping and needed a day to catch up. FH told me I should get towed back (back, because I was just there a month ago for a coolant leak) to the dealership and have them look at it, not wait for it to cool off and go to work like I had wanted. Did I immediately call tow truck company? No, I called my dad for a second opinion because I didn’t want go back to the dealership – and he told me the same thing. DARN IT! So, I called AAA, had my car towed to the dealership, which was over the 7 miles so don’t ask me how much that cost me, and had the dealership drop me off at work.
A couple hours later the service guy called me to give me that bad news, dun dun dun it was going to cost me $800 because it was completely unrelated to the work the month before and I needed and new water pump and timing belt. Ummmm, I didn’t have $800, I checked my bank account and I was short. The last time my car was in the shop I was SO proud of myself for being able to handle and pay for the situation all by myself, but I was going to have to ask for help. I walked down to my dad’s office (yes, I work for my father) and told him how much and what was wrong and then I felt the tears coming. My Daddy told me not to cry and that he would pay for it and I could just pay him back, PHEW! TGFD (Thank God for Daddies)! Now here comes the Oh Yeah I have a fiance moment… I then asked my Dad if he could swing me by school so I could drop off my homework and then to the dealership after work, but half way through asking I realized Ummmm FH can do that? I felt kinda silly.

Have you had one of those moments where you realize your FH is supposed to the first one you ask and not your Daddy anymore?


One Response to “Oh yeah, that’s right, I have a Fiance.”

  1. Mags

    I had that moment when I had to go to the hospital a few weeks ago for bronchitis treatment. I realized I should be listing Mr. MagPie as my emergency contact, and not my mother — and was freaked that I had to stop to think about that!

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