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Posted On March 31, 2009

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To say Mr French Bulldog has had some bad roommates would be a gross understatement. I could write a post on each one of them, but that isn’t the point so I’ll just run by a few of the highlights…

Previous Roommate #1 – Crazy lady who was okay when she took her meds, but when she didn’t, she would have conversations with her cats and couldn’t be trusted with knives. Obviously she was on her meds when he went to look at the place.

Previous Roommate #2 –  While Mr Frenchie”s BFF was visiting, and his roommate was at “work”, the repo-man came to repossess RM#2’s stuff.

Previous Roommate #3 – This roommate got jealous of all the time Mr Frenchie was spending with me, and as things between them started to go bad, RM#3 thought it would be a good idea to buy a TUBA and practice it at all hours of the day and night. 

Previous Roommate #4 – Completely forgot a conversation about the rent they had had 30 mins previous. Mr Frenchie had to have the entire conversation again… RM#4 didn’t remember it AT ALL. We’re also fairly certain he was in jail when he said he went to Hawaii for a few weeks. (These are just the highlights people).

Previous Roommate #5 –  (Or RM#5’s mother) RM#5’s Mother,  sublet her room to Mr Frenchie when she moved in with her boyfriend. Even though she no longer lived in the apartment she still though it was alright to host dinner parties and Sunday brunches without even warning Mr Frenchie.

Current Roommate (#6) – To be fair RM#6 is the most normal of the bunch, it was his ex-fiance that was the problem. She’s out of the picture now, hence the “ex”, but that was after the night he came home to find 3 cop cars, 1 fire truck and 1 EMT vehicle parked out front.

Everytime I hear a new story about a previous roommate or current roommate (at the time) I tell him, “I promise I wouldn’t do that when we live together.” Some people ask us why we don’t just move-in together now and some of you are probable wondering the same thing as you read this… that is something we both agreed, from the get go, we didn’t want to do until we were married. After all the emergency vehicles and with the wedding getting closer, it is tempting to just move in together, but we’re sticking to our guns. We have nothing against people that live together before they are married, in fact most of our friends have done it, we just want to leave something for when we’re married.

Have you decided to hold off living together until after your married?


And the winner is…

Posted On March 27, 2009

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Drum roll please… and the winner is…

#4 – SueBeeHB’s Vintage Style 
I was so excited that FH chose this couple because I LOVE the groom birdie and how much his suit resembles FH’s suit. 
I know I probably could have custom ordered a similar suit from any of those talented artists, but these two just spoke to us. 
Sue is a very nice woman and wonderful to work with. These birds (acutally most of the birds) were too big for our preference, and Sue said it wouldn’t be a problem to make them smaller. In fact her daughter is getting married soon and wants smaller birds as well. 

And now for a confession… I actually bought another set! I know, I know, I have a problem!
The Small hand painted Love Birds w/ Nest by RedLightStudio (#7) were just to freakin’ cute I couldn’t pass them up, so I bought them yesterday. I think I’m going to put them on our Sweetheart Table.

Five for Friday

Posted On March 27, 2009

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Previous Fridays

116 – You don’t like cats
117 – You like to go to Marie Callendar’s and just get the salad bar (like me)
118 – You like Chinese food a lot
119 – You too me to see Huey Lewis and The News and were just as upset when they didn’t play Hip to be Square

120 – You thought Ida Marie was singing “I like meat so much better when you make it” 🙂

Cake Topper

Posted On March 26, 2009

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Ever since I saw The Penguins’ cake topper, made by her friend Jenny Louwheeeeze, I wanted birds on top of our cake!
Hello, I love birds and I’m hisbirdie and he’s a bird if I’m a bird and we’re the love birds, it is perfect!

There were several etsy shops I’d stalked in the past months, eyeing their birdie goodness and yesterday I decided it was probably about time I made a decision and ordered one because if I was going to custom order some birds I needed to give the artist enough time for her (or his) creative process.

Since, the best way to get FH’s opinion on something is to send him my research I put together a word document of all my favorites his choices and emailed it off.
Here are the birds it included…
1 – Karingrow’s Mr & Mrs Lemondrop (we could get this one or order a custom one like it)
 2 – Rain’s End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 1)
3 – Rain’s End Custom Wedding Topper (Option 2)

4 – SueBeeHB’s Vintage Style (also one we could order or request a custom one)

5 – CornFlakeGirl Custom Wedding Topper
6 – CottonBirdDesigns Linen and Satin Love Birds (can also do a custom order)
7 – RedLightStudio Small hand painted Love Birds w/ Nest
Can you guess which one we chose? Which one would you choose?

If I had a Million Dollars…

Posted On March 24, 2009

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Ever since I saw my first Judith Leiber purse on the red carpet for the Oscars YEARS ago I’ve been in love. Someday, I thought, I WILL have a Judith Leiber purse… you know when I have money to burn. Then today, in my gmail inbox, Gilt Group sent me this:
Ummm hello glimpse into my dream come true!
If I have and extra$1,398 to spend I would snatch this baby up for the wedding in a heart beat!
 But, alas, I don’t even have an $728 extra to buy this beauty 😦

 Judith Leiber you are so close I can taste it, but just not close enough. JUDITH LEIBER FOR HALF OFF! When will this happen agan? 

What completely out of reach item would you die to have for your wedding?

Madison or Anna II?

Posted On March 23, 2009

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On our first trop to Macy’s to register FH and I decided not to register for China, but to get a nice set of everyday plates. We didn’t want to not get things we really needed, like everyday plates and a vacuum because our guests decided to get us china. We decided on a casual china line by Wedgewood called “Eternity”.
From the start we’ve known we wanted plain white plates, you know something that will go with anything, no matter what the theme… because we’re always thinking “would this work for entertaining?”
After talking to MOB, she convinced us (and I’m glad she did) that we needed Fancy China. Yes, we probably wont get the whole she-bang for our wedding, but this is something we can add on to over the years. So, back to Macy’s we went one afternoon, just to find a china pattern.
FH liked the more eleborate patterns and I like the more simple patterns and somehow we ended up with a great compromise (as a reasonable price), with the Federal Platinum pattern by Lenox.
lenoxfederalplatinumThe very helpful, Bonnie, in the Bridal Department at the Macy’s Home store at South Coast Plaze also pointed out to us that this pattern lended itself nicely to incorporating accent plates from other patterns. Such as these two from Kate Spade:
1 – Larabee Road
2 – June Lane

I’m leaning towards Larabee Road.

Now that we had “fancy china” we didn’t need to spend (or ask our guest to spend) that much on everyday china, now did we?

Luckily we’ll find any excuse we can to walk around Crate & Barrel with “the gun” and found ourselves there the following weekend. On this trip we decided on the Madison dinnerware line. We liked Madison for a couple reasons: 1) it’s white; 2) it is cheaper than the Wedgewood; 3) it’s not made in China (FH has been making an effort not to register for too many items made outside the US, especially in China) and 4) we liked it.
(Pssst… over here! This actually made me happier because, and this is between you and me, I never really liked the Wedgewood. What? it had weird Ws on it.)

So, done right? Wrong. This past weekend FH and I found ourselves at our favorite Crate & Barrel once again. We walked past the dinnerware and FH said he wanted to switch to these plates called Anna II.
Except that I don’t like that bowl, I really don’t care either way, because really in the grand scheme of things, I can get used to a bowl. FH scanned one of the plates and I went on this morning and swiched everything from Madison over to Anna II and after I notified FH it clicked that these plates are pricey! Not super pricey, but pricer than the Madison plates. So, if we don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other, shouldn’t we go with the least expensive plate? I left the decision up to FH.

Are/Did you have the same problem with your dinnerware, china or another item on your registry?

Five for Friday

Posted On March 20, 2009

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icanhazcheezburger source
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114 – You’re going to with me to visit a florist this weekend
115 – You drive to me way more than I drive to you, and you don’t complain

Save The Date

Posted On March 19, 2009

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I’m sorry I can’t bring myself to refer to these as STD (shiver), so if I must eberviate them I choose STDI for Save The Date Invitation.

Now that I know the majority of our guests have received our Save The Dates, I am really excited to share them with you. Originally we were going to order postcard from Vista Print with a picture of FH and I in front of the Bernardo Winery sign. This didn’t end up happening for a few reasons…
1 – We took HORRIBLE pictures the day we went down there.
2 – MOB still wanted to put them in an envelope because she was affraid some criminal would get ahold of our information and rob our house while we were all in San Diego. At first I thought she was paranoid, but I guess back when my mom and dad got married and it was more common to have your wedding announced in the paper, her neighbor’s house was robbed (stealing all the wedding presents) while they were all at the wedding. My grandparents actually had someone watch their house when my mother and father were married.

3 – Our Friendor, Joe, had a much better idea 🙂 

FH and I asked Joe to do our invitations on New Year’s Eve this year and Joe hit the ground running, talking about letterpress and all the idea he had; we are all REALLY excited. After bouncing around a the idea of using my new Gocco, we decided to have them printed when MOB gave us a 1 week deadline 3 weeks ago. I was freaking out about getting them done when MOB wanted and Joe just got it done. So with out furture ado…
and the other side (I have no idea which is the front anad which is the back)…

stdi2 Joe is my BFF since 4th grade (and BM)’s hubbers, who is also now one of FH’s groomsmen. He is an awesome graffic designer, along with being a great friend, husband to my BFF and father to the CUTEST kid EVER. If anyone is interested in hiring his talents you can contact me or go to his website.
Do you have any friendors? Have they saved the day?

How to make an Inspiration Board…

Posted On March 17, 2009

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or how I made my Inspiration Board 🙂
I wish I owned Photoshop or something like that. I don’t even own anything more than a trial version of Power Point, which I’m sure you could make an Inspiration Board on as well. So, because I don’t own these fancy programs I used to they two I do have Microsoft Word and InfranView.
Infranview is a free and easy to use graphic view and editor I downloaded years ago to easily edit my photos for MySpace. I use it almost daily to email FH or a friend pictures I’ve seen on a website because most of their work emails block images I just copy and paste into the email.

Step 1 – Collecting the photos – If your anything like me you’ve collected a ton of inspiration photos. The hardest part of this step for me was deciding which photos to use; forcing me to decide on a set theme. 
*Note: for this step I HIGHLY recommend bookmarking websites instead of just saving the pictures to a file, this is make sourcing your photos MUCH easier and in most cases actually enable you to source your photos.

Step 2 – Editing photos – I’ve found the easiest way for me to edit my photos was to “Print Screen” and paste into InfranView. The “Print Screen” button basically copies whatever is in view on your screen to your clip board, in order to see what you’ve “copied” you have to “paste” it into a new document or in our case program.

What my screen looks like in Infranview…
Now I want to just have a pic of the Cookbook, to do that I’ll click and drag a box over the desired area
and select the Crop feature under Edit (ctrl + Y). 
Now just Save the file and repeat. 

Step 3 – Inserting files –  In Microsoft Word you’ll go to Insert > Picture > From File…
and select a photo and it will appear on your paper. It may show up bigger than you want, so just scale it down.
Next “Right Click” on the photo and choose “Format Picture”.formatUnder the Layout tab select “Tight”.
This will allow you to move and manipulate the photos easier. When an image is set on the Tight Layout it will look like this.
tight2Repeat this step for all your photos and arrange how you like.
Here is a quick one I did with items from our registry.
When you are finished you can do another Screen Print
and Crop out your board.
Ta Da!

Top: Kate Spade Larabee Dot, Spode Baking Days Deep Dish, Crate and Barrel Duo Salad Servers
Middle:KitchenAid Mixer, Crate and Barrel “The Newlywed’s Cookbook, Crate and Barrel Madison Dinnerware
Bottom: XOX Crock with tools, Target Canary Print Armless Chair, Target Preps Mixing Bowls

Inspiration Board #1

This is my first attempt at an Inspiration Board for our Wedding…


First Row:Paigely Maggie Sottero Dress, FH’s J Crew Suit, Cake Buffet
Second Row: boutonnieres from Martha Stewart Weddings, Daisy Centerpiece by Amanda Auer
Third Row: Mrs. Cupcake’s Twigs and Honey flower, Bernardo Winery GazeboBlue Bird from Urban Outfitters, Yellow Cupcake with Flag
Bottom Row: Bernardo Winery Wine Bottles, Yellow After Six BM Dress, J Crew Shoes, HerbsBouquet

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