As the Dress Twirls – HisBirdie’s Wedding Dress Story (Part 5)

Posted On February 16, 2009

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The Wednesday after I first went met with Lynn at Jinny’s Bridal, I took BM J and her adorable son L to look at my top wedding dress contenders.

The first dress I showed her I had liked, but MOB liked MUCH more. I unfortunately don’t have a picture of this dress because Jinny’s had taken the tag off and only had a style number on the sale’s tag. My guess is it was a knock off of another dress because it was only $500, but I don’t know for sure. The dress was a typical A-line cut; it had a jewel booby area and a rooshed bodice and at the hip the skirt went out a little and fell to the floor. This dress was by far the poofiest one I tried on. I actually really like the way it fit but I wasn’t a fan of the random lace trim on the bottom of the skirt. Plus, I also didn’t understand how a dress with more parts to it was less busy than a solid lace gown… anyway. BM J liked that dress, but I could tell she wasn’t in love with it – and besides she had only seen me in my Presents dress and this dress.

The next dress was Antonia Marie also by Maggie Sottero.
Antonia Marie was a beautiful dress and the neckline looked fantastic on me. The fabric was very light, but to shimmery for my taste and there was something about the bottom lace on the bodice that did not appeal to me. BM J also liked this dress, but was a HUGE fan, she said she loved it, but I could tell she wasn’t in love with it.

The last dress I tried on Paigely by Maggie Sottero 
This was the dress were minute Lynn had me laced up in this dress I fell in love. I loved the lace and the way it fit me like a glove. I was orignally a little nervous about being so in love with Paigely beause she was the first dress I tired on after almost purchasing a dress I didn’t really love (after all). When I had come the first time I could tell BM F loved it and MOH did too, however MOB was not a fan, it was written all over her face. MOB said it was my wedding dress, and I could pick what I wanted, but I knew she didn’t like it. BM J also LOVED this dress as much as me 🙂 and having it on again a few days later I knew Paigely was my dress.

Lynn wrote up the pricing for my MOB to call in her credit card before Sunday and I left happy knowing I had actually found THE DRESS this time, but anxious because I knew MOB wasn’t going to like that I chose the dress she didn’t like as much – and that is the reason I waited until today to write the conclusion to this series, I wanted to make sure that MOB bought the dress before I told everyone I had a dress. No, MOB is not 100% happy with my decision, but yes, she did buy me the dress and hopefully she will get over her hang-up with the dress like she’s promised.


5 Responses to “As the Dress Twirls – HisBirdie’s Wedding Dress Story (Part 5)”

  1. Mags

    Lucky girl that your MOB bought you your dress!

    Congrats on finding “the one.” I’m sure your mother will come around, and love it as much as you do!

  2. StefK

    Wow, when I saw Paigely, I said out loud, “wow, that’s beautiful”…My husband turned to me, “what?”

    “Oh nothing…just looking at wedding dresses.” (Hmm…I’ve only been married 6 months myself. haha).

    Anyway, it’s a beautiful dress (I’d love to see a pic of you in it), and that’s great that your mom picked up the tab for it. You’re a lucky girl with a gorgeous wedding gown. Can’t wait to see what is to come…

  3. hisbirdie

    Awww thank you 🙂
    I couldn’t take a picture of me in the dress yet b/c Jinny’s policy is “No pictures until you purchase” and we hadn’t purchased yet :-/ but as soon as I have one, I’ll post it.

  4. sally

    i bought the paigely too! i’m getting married in march (2 weeks). it’s sooo BEAUTIFUL huh… i got mine at jinny’s also.. they have the BEST prices…

  5. hisbirdie

    Sally – Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I’d love to see a pic of you in your dress 🙂

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