As the Dress Twirls – HisBirdie’s Wedding Dress Story (Part 3)

Posted On February 9, 2009

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When we left off I had a dress, right? Wrong 😦
Monday night I went to Drafting class and, of course, saw my friend who works at La Soie Bridal (we’ll call her D). I told D I had found and purchased a dress (YAY) but I couldn’t find the dress on Maggie Sottero’s website (Booo). (I wanted to show some people the dress, but I didn’t want to show everyone me in the dress, it was my silly way of kinda keeping it a secret). This made D nervous which, in turn, made me nervous… she said that could mean the dress has been discountinued! I brushed it off and thought “no Stephany knew what she was doing and plus she put the order in today, surely she would have noticed then that the dress had been discountinued”.

The next day while as was at work, ironically emailing with Krissi and Tiffany Michelle about my (and Krissi’s) wedding dress, D called me from the Salon… She checked about my dress, but I made her nervous when I said I couldn’t find it on the website and sure enough Cherelle (my dress) had been discontinued. I wish I could tell you how upset I was, because then I wouldn’t feel so silly that I bought a dress that I didn’t really want. At first, yeah, I was bummed but I was never upset – D felt horrible and I just told her not to worry about it and THANK YOU for checking so I knew sooner. I even tried to find the dress somewhere else and I did, in Maryland about an 1.5 hours from my Aunt & Uncle and Narda & Todd, but I didn’t feel the MUST HAVE need to call the Maryland store and make sure they really did have the dress in my size and the website wasn’t lying. Honestly I realize now I was just trying to make everyone else feel better about the dress because they all liked it… more than I did, AANNDD I felt like if I had to go back out and look again I’d be inconveniencing everyone. MOB was crushed, she LOVED everything about Cherelle, but I was ready to start the search again.

I knew I really like the fit of the Maggie Sottero dresses, after all they have been voted “Best Fit in the Business”, and I figured if the discontinued the dress they must have something similar, but better so I went to the website and found Anastasia.
She is A line and organza, like Cherelle, but already has a sweetheart neckline, like I wanted. I had to try her on so I called around to all the Maggie retailers in my area to see if anyone had Anastasia in their store. Unfortunately no-one did, but I did find the largest Maggie retailer on the West Coast (45 min from my house), so I made an appointment for as early as I could on Saturday morning. Here we go again…


2 Responses to “As the Dress Twirls – HisBirdie’s Wedding Dress Story (Part 3)”

  1. Mags

    Well, THAT took an unexpected turn! I like the little layered bottom of Anastasia. 🙂

  2. hisbirdie

    I know right? But it is a good turn… really 🙂

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