Five for Friday

Posted On February 6, 2009

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Previous Fridays

81 – This email exchange (Betty is my ’01 Silver VW Jetta who I took in because her coolant was leaking):
From Me: 
She is pricey, but luckily I can afford to get all the work done… she has a coolant leak, and something is up with the air thingy-ma-bobber (reason the check engine light was on) and I need a new some-a-gig belt deal 
Your Response:
Yay, they checked her temperature and she just needs a few things
Sounds like coolant leak, oxygen sensor, and serpentine belt?
82 – You like Hamburger Helper
83 – You miss me just as much as I miss you
84 – You love the rain
85 –  You can’t stop talking about us buying a place


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