Five for Friday

Posted On January 30, 2009

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This week’s five all come from this picture…
76 – You keep Chirpie Bird in your car (I have a small duck my mother gave me in my car, when FH’s car was in the shop I let him borrow Quackers to make it seem more homey in the rental… when he found out his car was totaled I bought him Chirpie Bird, he actually chirps, for his new car)
77 – You sometimes call me and let Chirpie Bird say hi first
78 – Right by Chirpie Bird is the note I left you  one morning with a Starbucks card, it never leaves the car
79 – You put the cowboy hat from the BBQ sauce my mom gave you for Christmas on Chirpie Bird
80 – You look a picture of this and emailed it to me 🙂


2 Responses to “Five for Friday”

  1. Mags

    That’s a pretty cute bird. Is it the origin of your handle? (Also, hi! I figured, since we’re both pretty active on Weddingbee, I oughta stop by and say hello. Please feel free to do the same on my blog!)

  2. hisbirdie

    Actually no, HisBirdie is b/c Jason calls me bird – as in Silly Goose or The Notebook’s “I’m a bird, if you’re a bird” 🙂

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