Posted On January 27, 2009

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Just when I decide I probably shouldn’t wear a short dress Mrs. Onion posts this about Short Dress Brides and I’m sucked back in!
I LOVED her’s
and Mrs. Candy Corn’s dresses.
Okay, so I haven’t rulled them out, I just need to look for one will less of a poofy skirt 🙂 Right?


3 Responses to “*Sniff*”

  1. Michelle @ My Wedding Report

    The short dresses are so cute. Have you seen the Stephanie James dresses? If I were to wears short dress I would love hers

  2. hisbirdie

    Oh yeah, I LOVE Stephanie James 🙂 I went and visited her dresses @ Mon Amie (they were very rude, but that is a different story), and the lace one is even prettier in person!

  3. carly

    Hey Ali! I’ve tagged you for a blog award!! Check out my blog for details 🙂

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