Getting Engaged in November

Posted On January 22, 2009

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I’ve come to realize there are a few drawback to getting engaged in November, don’t get me wrong I’m ecstatic that FH and I are engaged and planning to spend the rest of our lives together, it’s just that in the past week or so I’ve come to realize how behind I feel, mainly because people keep pointing out to me that I haven’t done things yet…

Florist – Not so much, but if you recall I did try to meet with one at the winery on Saturday, I just couldn’t get in because of Miss April 2010.

Dress – This the area where the timing of the holidays has just hindered planning – with everything going on we just haven’t had time to go shopping and I honestly thought it was okay until last night… a girl in my class works at a Bridal Salon and she told me I needed to get on it :-/ I NEED TO GET ON THIS PEOPLE!! and a couple people have said to just go without my mom, but I think she’s be crushed if she wasn’t there for the whole process.

DJ – I put FH in charge of this, but I’m so anal and he’s so wrapped up in trying to get us a condo right now, I think I’m going to have to step in… or happily remind him of his job 🙂

Bride’s Maid Dresses – Honestly I’m totally okay with not having these yet, it isn’t the season for the color or sytle yet and it’s only for 3 ladies so we may be able to buy off the rack 🙂

See how full of excuses I am 😉

There are something that we’re working on like the Save The Dates, those should go out in a couple weeks and the invitations, we’re meeting with our friendor this weekend (and then I promise I’ll tell you about him).

and then there are the things we’ve already done (I love this list!)…


OficiantCHECK 🙂

Caterer – I’m gonna go ahead and say check because that is pretty much set, and it makes me feel better to check it off my list.

Cake – We’ve put the deposit down so – CHECK AND I have inspiration photos for that as well.


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