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Posted On January 19, 2009

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This Saturday FH and I took my mom down to see our venue (we took my dad before Christmas, but I forgot my camera at home – bad blogger!), meet with the caterer and choose our wines for the Wedding… so I guess I should officially tell you where we’re having the Wedding (ceremony and reception) – The Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA. FH grew up near RB and we’d visited the winery a few times while dating and always threw around the idea of getting married there.
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After visiting a TON of venues in OC and SD (and even one in LA) we decided to get married at the Bernardo Winery for a few reasons…
1 – Wine
2 – It is a place we can visit after we’re married.
3 – It is outside (this was one of our must have wedding requirements)
4 – Is was considerably cheaper than everywhere else we looked.
5 – The caterer and bakery were on site 🙂

Our meeting with the caterer went fantastically, Toni with Cafe Merlot, a dream come true! First thing she did was get us each a glass on sangria (which was delish, but sadly not something we can serve at the wedding) and let us choose our linens. After reading and hearing about what so many brides pay to have different linens than the standard white/off-white/black their venue carries I was blown away by all our linen color options! There we at least 30 colors options in the book.
Since FH and I had picked-up a copy of their catering menu before we had a good idea what we wanted…
1 – Pass Appetizers – Endive with BLT Salmon Mousse, Mini Ruebens, Phyllo Triangles and Prosciutto with Melon.
2 – Stationed Appetizers – Cheese, sausage crackers and breads etc
3 – Salad
4 – Salmon and Steak option – they will both come with Ratatouille and the Steak will come with herb mashed potatoes while the Salmon will come with rice.

We didn’t get to sample the menu this time, but we’ve eaten there before and LOVE the food 🙂

After our meeting and lunch, we walked over to the florist on site, but I was only able to get her card because another bride had beat me there and had be monopolized… by the way that bride’s wedding is in April of 2010! She is WAY ahead of me!

Realizing we weren’t going to get to speak to the florist FH and I showed my mom the Bon Bon Bakery. At the Bakery we were able to meet with the owner Joanne and put a deposit down to reserve our wedding date. Since they obviously do events other than the weddings at the winery I didn’t want some else to snatch up our date… the only book 300 servings for a day and she already had 1 cake for 80 servings.

Finally for FH, we went to the tasting room to select our wines for the wedding. We get to choose 2 whites and 2 reds and the champagne toast is included. They were out of our 2 favorite whites, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, so we tried the Pinot Grigio, which neither of us were very fond of – we’re just not a sweet wine bunch. Since the rest of the whites were sweeter we moved on to reds and tried little tastes of all those – Burgundy, Merlot, Cab and Carignane. The burgundy was good but not a favorful as the rest; the merlot, while very good, was a little to red for me for a summer wedding; the Cab was very full-bodied and had a great finish; and the carignane was spicey and very woody. Here are the wines we chose:
Whites – Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc – although we didn’t taste them on Saturday, FH and I have tasted them before.
Reds – Cab and Carignane – the Carignane is a red wine drinkers wine, and although gutsy we have wine loving friends that I believe will also appreciate it. After all what is the point of having your wedding at a winery if you go with all standard wines.

And last but not least the Champagne – their champagne is my favorite! FH and I are still deciding whether to keep the Sauvignon Blanc or serve champagne the whole night… we’ll see 🙂

On our way out we stopped in and met Annie, our onsite coordinator, who I hadn’t met in person yet and then we took a picture in front of the sign for our Save The Date… hopefully I can talk our invite friendor (story to come) into some photoshop magic.


2 Responses to “Visiting Our Venue”

  1. Michelle@myweddingreport

    Yay for Rancho Bernardo! When are you getting married?

    • hisbirdie

      August 22nd? You?

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