Hooking a Meatball UP!

Posted On January 14, 2009

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Hi readers… I know you’re there I stalk you in me “Stats” 🙂

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for Mr. and Miss Meatball in the Trees Instead Wedding Contest! Not only will they win a Honeymoon in Costa Rica, they will also plant an acre of trees for each guest that attends their wedding, and an extra 1000 trees to offset the couples carbon footprint!

Here are the Rules:

Wedding Date MUST BE IN 2009
To Register fill form below.
Voting: There will be 3 types of votes: by Facebook, by Twitter & by email.

Voting will start on Jan 1 2009 until Jan 29 2009.
Instructions for email vote:
A question* about TI will be made in this page. voters must answer the question in the email next to the name of their selected couple.

Instructions to vote in Facebook, The voter must become a member of the TI Facebook group & answer a question*.

To vote in twitter they must become a TI follower & respond a question*.  voting on twitter ends on Jan 20

One vote per computer per day by email / one vote per day for each follower on twitter & only one vote , voting in this page ends jan 29.
total for facebook group members. voting in facebook ends on Jan 20

*Questions will be made when voting starts.

They will check IP addresses and double votes will be canceled and couple may be disqualified.


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