The Gonzales Wedding – Part 3 (the final installment)

Posted On January 13, 2009

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Part 2
Part 1

When we left off I promised you the bouquet and garter toss and here they are… I was still hoping to get more pictures of the bouquet toss because I don’t have a single one 😦 What? It’s kinda hard to take a picture of yourself fighting off other women. So instead of a picture of me catching the bouquet, yeah that’s right I caught it, I will tell you a funny little story – a couple of Lindsay’s friends from Bridal Insider came to their reception and one girl, we’ll call her Y (as in Y was she fighting me for a bouquet when she is already engaged, sorry I’m getting ahead of myself), I had met before at one of Lindsay’s fittings. Y and I get along great, she’s a sweet girl who just married her dream man in January – Congrats! Anyway so the DJ calls all the single ladies out for the bouquet toss and position myself in the middle of the front and get into bouquet catching stance (you all know what I’m talking about) when Y comes up RIGHT next to me to fight me for the bouquet…ummmm you’re already engaged. So I guess (my memory is a little fuzzy) I said something to the effect of, “You better not get in my Effin’ way you’re already engaged!” Yep, I’m a lady πŸ™‚ and here’s a picture of my prize, with my shoes…
Oh and my Kate Spade bag…Holla!

Up next it was time for the boys to pretend to want to catch the garter (again, you know what I’m talking about)
See here is FH catching the garter while all the other guys are going, “what you wanted to catch that?” and here is his prize… on his head.
See – he even got a thumbs-up! Someone is a fan πŸ™‚ (Not my thumb, I am MUCH whiter than her).

Congratulations Brandon and Lindsay! and thank you for the centerpiece!
Also, remember Brandon, Jason was nice to you in his speech so you have to nice back – IT WAS THE DEAL!


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