Whose Wedding is This?

Posted On January 8, 2009

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I’m sure most bride’s have considered the Big E, and until yesterday afternoon I had only considered it once, this past weekend when FH and I went to browse apartments and found the apartment of our dreams for the right price, we wanted to move in right then and there, but alas we are waiting until we are married to live together.
However yesterday I considered it again – TWICE. I feel like this wedding is getting away from us (read me) and I should either elope or better (and what I really want to do) say, “fine, why don’t you plan the wedding and just tell me when to be there,” because everything I want or have an idea that I want isn’t good. (and no, FH isn’t the one with the difference of opinion).

I live in South Orange County, California and this is the beach closest to my house.
Gorgeous, yes! But I would rather hang on this grass part then on the sand… we (and this time I do mean we) love looking at the beach, knowing that it is there, we just don’t want to put suits on and hang out down there. We’ve never once as a couple gone to the beach… we’ve come to this park above the beach to walk around and sit and talk etc. The point – we don’t want to take our Engagement Pictures on the beach – it’s not us, but it looks like I may not get to decide that, I’ve tried a compromise to take pictures in both places but that means FH, who is NOT a fan of having his picture taken, will have to endure 2 engagement shoots.

Our wedding is in August, outside and where I don’t expect it to be extremely hot, I’m pretty sure its not going to be cool either. As you know from previous posts I really want a short/tea length dress – well that’s probably not in the stars either, I don’t want to say for sure, but you’ll most likely see me in a long dress. I also (and have always) wanted my maids to where short dress as well and last night I was pretty much told that wasn’t “pretty”. 
I said, “I want them to wear short dresses” and the other person said, “well don’t you want it to look pretty.”

Who was/is your biggest Debbie Downer for your wedding? Was there one person who thought your dream wedding was silly and what did you do to deal?


2 Responses to “Whose Wedding is This?”

  1. An Atlanta Bride

    loved seeing that pic. i havent seen a beach in a long time since moving to atlanta 😦

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