Holiday Recipe – Pecan Pie

Posted On January 5, 2009

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You’re probably wondering, “HisBirdie, what does this have to do with your wedding?” and to that I reply, “It is FH’s favortie dessert and I am marrying him.” I do feel a little bad about posting this after the holidays, but you all know how crazy life gets around Christmas, add on top of that planning a wedding and you’re going crazy! Truth be told I usually don’t make this for the holidays, but for Valentine’s Day for FH because, like I said, it is his favorite 🙂

The last time I made this pie FH took a slice down to his father in SD and ever since then FFIL has been hinted that I need to make FH another one so he can have another slice. (I would just make FFIL his own pie, but he’s diabetic and since I’m diabetic and know what goes in this pie I can’t in good conscience make him his own). So, on Christmas Eve I made one to take with us to FFIL and FSMIL’s (Future Step Mother in Law) for dinner.

I’ve been told this is the BEST PECAN PIE EVER and I wish I could take full credit for the recipe but it’s from this cookbook, which I believe my mom got from her father.

I do however, like a do with most recipes, have my own little twist. Here is what you do…
1 – Get a pie dish – I like to use glass, because it’s prettier and greener.
2 – Get a pre-made pie crust. Yes, that’s right pre-made! You can make your own crust but I don’t because these are just as good and EASIER.
3 – Roll it out in the dish… my mom tried really hard this time to teach me how to made the edges look pretty, but all I accomplished was smooshing the cwrap out of the dough. Personally I like it when it looks a little haphazard, that what it looks more homemade… or that could just be the excuse I make for myself.
4 – Follow this recipe:
recipecopy1But, here is my twist – instead of light OR dark corn syrup I use 1/2-light and 1/2- dark, trust me it’s the perfect combo. Also, I learned this from Paula and it made measuring the corn syrup a lot easier this time, lightly spray your measuring cup with cooking spray, that way it is easier to get it all out of the cup and it is easier to clean.

5 –  I recommend checking your pie before the 1 hr is up, like say around 45 mins because we got a new oven and 1 hr was a bit to long for the crust with the new oven. See my crust is too brown.
6 – Serve and enjoy 🙂

I’m thinking now I might serve these at the rehearsal dinner, kinda like a Groom’s Pie 🙂


2 Responses to “Holiday Recipe – Pecan Pie”

  1. Kelly Nicole

    MMmmm… so good!

    Thanks for the comment and tip on the spray for corn syrup!

  2. Julie Walters

    I secound that thanks about the tip, you really d learn something new everyday. Keep up the good writing…

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