Our Officiant

Posted On December 5, 2008

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Choosing the person to officiate our wedding was probably the easiest part so far…
I met our Officiant (we’ll call her Pastor L) when I was in high school. Pastor L had known my youth group leader (we’ll call her D) growing up and came to work at our church with D as the Children’s Ministries Director. Pastor L was young and fun and just full of energy and you couldn’t help but love her. 

When Pastor L had her son (son L), I was over there babysitting all the time. Son L was the only kid I’ve ever babysat for who put his toys away after he used them, before we took out a new one and without being told! I’m not even that neat and an adult.

Then a few years later Pastor L was ordained a Presbyterian Minister, I was there at her ordination and watch son L and his friends in the nursery (or we all watched Veggie Tales). After the service D asked Pastor L to officiate at her upcoming wedding and I knew then I too wanted Pastor L to officiate at mine.

Over the years Pastor L and I lost touch, but about a year ago we (FH and I) ran into her at Cheesecake Factory with some friends. Even though we hadn’t spoken in years we were right back where we were before and I told FH as we walked out of the restaurant that she was the one I wanted to perform our ceremony when we got married and he was on board.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, FH has asked me to marry him and we’re in midst of venue searching, I had heard that Pastor L had moved to a very nearby city (in fact the on FH lives in also) and was Assistant Pastor at a start up church, I looked the church up online and called the number… no-one answered so I left a message. A week later when Pastor L called me I was so excited to tell her I was engaged and I wanted her to perform the ceremony, but Pastor L didn’t remember me 😦 or at least the last name they had written down… apparently I mummbled on my message because when she asked me who I was and I started to describe myself she was said, “That is not your name!” Once we straightened out my last name she felt horrible and we had a big laugh. She told me she was preaching at her new church next Sunday and I told her we’d be there.

Well we went to the church last Sunday and I LOVE IT! Pastor L had told a bunch of people about our embarrassing mix-up with my name and proceeded to tell everyone else she introduced us to the story. Her sermon was great and FH loved her. I’m so excited to have Pastor L back in my life and performing our wedding ceremony. Her new church is great and FH and I are going to start attending regularly 🙂


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