Checking Venues Off The List

Posted On November 20, 2008

Filed under Wedding Venues

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Months before FH and were engaged I posted about venues we were considering. Now, that we are engaged and we’ve started the official venue search I thought I share the ones that have been crossed off the list.

1 – Park Ave, Stanton, CA – Still our favorite restaurant in the whole world and would actually be our venue if there outdoor space was larger. Now that we’ve been able to compile a guest list, we know we’re looking for a space for roughly 170 people. Park Ave could accomodate us but that would involve our guest in separate rooms durning the reception and we’re just now down with that, so bye-bye Googie Goodness.


2 – Napa, Ca; Solvang, CA; Camarillo or Palm Springs, CA – FH and I decided it would be MUCH easier on us to have a wedding that was local… you’ll see in posts to come that local for us can still be an hour away.

3 – The Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA – Unfortunately the city of Newport Beach no longer allows them to have weddings. Stupid city of Newport Beach, you crushed my wedding dreams!

4 – The Sherman Library and Gardens, Corona Del Mar, CA – I decided that no, I did not want a fountain in the middle of my ceremony.


Even if I didn’t have my ceremony and reception in the same place, they wouldn’t be able to fit all the guests in one space. Some guests would be outside while some were inside, but to be fair I didn’t asked them about that I just figured it out from their website, so if you’re interested in The Sherman Library I’d ask them first.


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