Engagement Day – Part 2

Posted On November 13, 2008

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Egagement Day – Part 1

Where we left off FH and I were on our way to the car wash, you see going to the Harbor has is cons as well – birds. Now I love birds and probably more than the next girl, but not when they use your windshield as a potty. (I didn’t take a picture – you’re welcome).
There is a little car wash on PCH in Dana Point on our way back to my house (to get my jacket for later), so we stopped there. When FH was putting everything in his backseat in his trunk I caught him checking the pocket of his jacket for the ring. He looked at me right after he did it, but I manage to look like I didn’t notice 🙂
After we got my jacket we headed over to the mail to waste time, not much happened here – FH got his watch band replaced and he showed me a watch he thought I’d like, it was Burberry so of course I liked it, I can’t afford it, story of my life.
When it was finally time for dinner we headed over to our favorite restaurant, Park Ave, in Stanton, CA. (You may remember this is one our front runners as a wedding venue). We entered the restaurant right behind another couple, who stopped in the front to talk to some friends, they overheard FH say, “Oh look there are 3 spots at the bar, lets move.” and jumped in front of us to grab 2 of them. He was angry, but I could tell he didn’t want to cause a scene or ruin our evening, so he refrained from dirty looks. It wasn’t so bad, our plan was to eat in the bar and they were only waiting for their table there.
After some yummy dirty martinis and THE BEST BURGER, we headed to the Montage and our bench.
Walking to our bench I was so nervous, most likley not as nervous as FH, but my heart was pounding. We sat on a our bench for a while when FH made an excuse to stand up – he tried tickling my feet and went I jerked my very ticklish feet out of the way he stood up to chase them, then he stood there for awhile and because I wan nervous I asked him why he was standing…stupid, stupid, stupid :-/ so he sat back down, but don’t worry a few minutes later he made another excuse to stand up and this time he got down on his knee and proposed and OF COURSE I said, “YES!”



One Response to “Engagement Day – Part 2”

  1. miss shortcake

    so cute! My girlfriend’s husband tried to propose on a beach parkbench…but he waited too long (nerves), it started pouring, and he had to propose in the car! 🙂

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