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Posted On October 30, 2008

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While I’m on the topic of friends that are engaged I TOTALLY forgot to blog about my friend Alisa when she got engaged… maybe I wasn’t even blogging then… anyway – I met Alisa though a friend, Tiffany, and we became instant friends. In fact Tiffany, Krissi & Narda, Alisa and I all email through out the day and having given out group a name like a club, yesIknowwe’retoooldforthat. Moving on, Alisa and Joe have known each other since High School, but didn’t start dating until college (I think their junior year, but I’m not sure), they are both from Northern California and went to college in San Diego.


Alisa and Joe’s proposal story starts the week of Alisa’s birthday… on the Wednesday they were going to a Giant’s game with Joe’s boss and well I’ll let Alisa tell you:

so last night joe and i and his coworker/his fiance from the golf course went to a san jose giants (minor league) baseball game and it might be the start of a surprise he’s planning.  so he’s picking me up from my house, mind you it’s after work, after picking up my car, after going to costco to get my tire fixed, so i have 2 min to get ready, and it’s a baseball game, so i just wear a white beater, jeans, and flip flops (it’s 90 degrees) and then he comes in with a corsage he had his mom make.  Yes, a rose corsage.  very cute/thoughtful, but kinda difficult to put on my white tank top (also he stabbed me by accident putting it on hahaha), so I wore it cutely on a giants hat he let me borrow.  It came with a card that had a puppy on it that said “let the pampering begin” and explained that this was the first of 5 days of different aspects of our love.  the first day represents his irrational love for baseball and sports and how he loves that i will spend time watching the games with him.  he even had the name of the rose (“just joey”) and noted it was orange just like the Giants colors.  We’ll see what the next gifts/activities of the next 4 days are… 🙂 🙂

Then on Thursday they went to a cookie class at Sur La Table, where I’ll let Alisa tell you again what Joe did…

I got another bouquet of roses, this time dark red ones and pink ones with a dark pink outer and light pink inside with a super cute card attached with a couple on the front with complementing outfits that explained that night was to represent our common interests- cooking! And the roses were dark red to represent his like for the deep rich foods like butter and fatty foods (jaja) and light pink because I like veggie burgers and salads (lighter foods jaja).

Friday was Alisa’s birthday and they went to dinner with her family, repesenting their love for their families. On Saturday Joe was going to take Alisa to dinner in downtown San Francisco and then they were staying the night their, but Joe Surprised her and flew them down to LA and took her to a restaurant she’d been wanting to go to, Mr Chow. And I would totally turn the story over to Alisa again here, but that email is LLOONNGG – to sum it up after one of the best dinners EVER, they went back to their hotel, The Tower, where he had Sparkling Apple Cider waitng (because champagne makes her really tipsy and he wanted her to not be) and propsed on the balcony 🙂 The next day they met all the girlfriends that were in on the LA trip in on Rodeo Drive and had coffee.


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