4th of July Wedding

Posted On October 30, 2008

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Next year (2009) the 4th of July falls on a Saturday and right now I am in LOVE with the idea of a 4th of July wedding. The 4th of July  is my all time favorite Holiday, yes even more than Christmas. Of course I would never sport this wedding dress…

This is a joke, right?

This is a joke, right?

But I was thinking of a Red and Light Blue color scheme, and now I want more than ever to figure out how to create a board… HELP!


4 Responses to “4th of July Wedding”

  1. Ashley

    OMG! Can you imagine attending a wedding and seeing the bride walk down the aisle in that dress? I can hear the gasp in the church as the doors open to reveal her fabulous attire.

    What was the designer thinking? More important, has anyone purchased the dress for their wedding?

  2. Patriotic Color Palette « Hisbirdie’s Weblog

    […] 4th of July Wedding10.30 […]

  3. miss shortcake

    There are a lot of pale (aqua) blue and red christmas decorations out this year – you might be able to find something. Also, one of the bees on weddinbee.com had a pale blue and red wedding!

  4. hisbirdie

    Oooo Thanks 🙂 I’ll need to get out and check those out.
    Also I need to stalk more of the Mrs’s on Weddingbee and find that bride!

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