Posted On October 27, 2008

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Okay I’m still only like 2% jealous and the rest SUPER excited for another friend who is now engaged, Narda. Narda and Todd relocated to Maryland, from San Diego, a year or so ago so Narda could go to Law school. I get more than 2% jealous of their proximety to Washington DC.

Congratulations Narda and Todd!


2 Responses to “Congrats”

  1. Okay, one more… « Hisbirdie’s Weblog

    […] I met Alisa though a friend, Tiffany, and we became instant friends. In fact Tiffany, Krissi</a, Narda, Alisa and I all email through out the day and having given out group a name like a club, […]

  2. As the Dress Twirls - HisBirdie’s Wedding Dress Story (Part 3) « Hisbirdie’s Weblog

    […] the dress somewhere else and I did, in Maryland about an 1.5 hours from my Aunt & Uncle and Narda & Todd, but I didn’t feel the MUST HAVE need to call the Maryland store and make sure they really […]

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