Silly Boys…

Posted On September 30, 2008

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Wedding dress shopping is for girls…

Friday night at dinner FH and I got on the topic of my wedding dress – he knows my dress is most likely going to be tea length and I know he wants me to have straps because he thinks I look better in my dresses that have straps, moving on… FH said, “well I go with you when you go shopping right?” I could help but laugh, “um, no”. I felt badly because he really thought he got to help me pick so I offered to show him the ones I was thinking of and he could tell me what he thought. Picture of just the dresses of course, not me in them.


2 Responses to “Silly Boys…”

  1. John

    awwww, how sweet! many men wouldn’t even want to part of the dress shoppinh. Good on him. 🙂

  2. hisbirdie

    Thanks, it’s nice to hear that perspective 🙂 Most of ppl I’ve talked to think he shouldn’t have any say, like its your dress, you get to pick it. My thought is well I want him to like it 🙂

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