Happy Birthday FH!

Posted On August 28, 2008

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This Saturday FH’s birthday and I am SO excited 🙂 Is it weird that I am more excited about his birthday than I ever was at my own? I get pretty excited for my birthday, it’s odd, but I always have a sense of pride when I tell people my birthdate (July 9th) I think it sounds cool… okay now you think I’m nuts and your thinking remove her from my google reader :-/ Don’t go! Everyone has quirks!
Anyway back to FH – FH is lactose intolerant, which is pretty sad for him because he LOVES cheese and LOVES ice cream, lucky for him lactaid pills take care of the cheese and they make soy ice cream, YAY!
Well the first year we were dating FH told me how much he LOVE ice cream cakes when he was younger and is so bummed now that noone makes soy ice cream cakes – DARN YOU BASKIN ROBINS! So I decided then that I would make him an ice cream cake he could eat for his birthday and this Saturday will be the 3rd icre cream cake I’ve made FH… and the first cake is actually a pretty funny story –
My sister had made me a sugar-free (I’m diabetic) ice cream cake a few years ago so I consulted her on the ice cream cake making process. She said bake a cake, cut it in half (long ways, or just make two cake – which is what I did) then put the ice cream in the middle and freeze it. Sounds easy enough, so I did just that and my ice cream melted and my cake absorded it and I literally had an ice cream cake. Turn out my sister left out a VERY important step – FREEZE THE CAKE BEFORE YOU ADD THE ICE CREAM! Yes that is right bake the cake a day in advance, freeze the cake overnight and add the ice cream the next day, that way your cake wont absorb your ice cream when you stick it back in the freezer and your partially melted/soft ice cream is re-freezing.
Here is a picture of the first ice cream cake, the stuff in between the two cakes is not ice cream but frosting I made with margarine (also not the best idea) to give the cake a better look…
Ice Cream Cake 1.0

Ice Cream Cake 1.0

So tonight I start Ice Cream Cake 3.0 in an atempt to make a Carrot Cake Soy Ice Cream Cake, I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂

Oh, and how is this wedding related? <– you ask. Well, I was thinking I could get someone to make a Soy Ice Cream Cake for FH’s Groom’s cake, what do you think?


Can you be fired from your own blog?

Posted On August 25, 2008

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I am SO sorry blogging world, I have been absent for way to long :-/
It’s combonation of…
 – Being on my summer break from school – I guess I gave myself a blog break too
 – My cousins were in town for 2 weeks!
 – FH and I got in a fight – OH NO!, you say and then I say, “don’t worry we talked it out and everything is good, if not better than before” 🙂 I was relcutant to share that part but then remembered that all couples get in fights/disagreements and its that we can work it out and are stronger for it that makes it a relationship 🙂
 – WORK.HAS.BEEN.CRAZY! – but I am happy to report that I no longer have to go to Vegas for a converntion, so I have more time w/ FH and you 🙂
Let’s see excuses, excuses, excuses, what more can I bring up… I think that is it.