Dress Craziness

I don’t remember who it was on Weddingbee who first introduced me to Candy Anthony but I fell in love! Seriously, how gorgeous is this dress?

Candy Anothony

Candy Anthony

I had been thinking I should try Tea Length dresses after seeing Mrs. Onion in her Wedding Dress. I’m 5’2″, so I rarely wear full length dresses and most of my dresses are Tea Length, so I feel a Tea Length dress is more “Me”. Sadly, Candy Anothony is in London, England and I live in Southern California – not so close. So I tried to Google Tea Length Wedding dresses and didn’t quite get the results I had hoped for.

Then Miss Shortcake posted about Dolly Couture and I had found someone closer to my ‘hood, LA County, YAY!!!



and my favorite…



In my excitement to hear about a designer MUCH closer to my house I thanked Miss Shortcake and told her about my atempt to get Mommie HisBirdie to take me to London and get a Candy Anthony dress. (See Mommie HisBirdie took Sister HisBirdie to Paris last Spring and did invite me because, quote, she “didn’t think I’d want to go” – PLAH-EEEZ! So, she said she would take me on a trip so some where I wanted to go, but I’m not Super Sweet 16 enough to think my mom will fly to London with me to get a Wedding Dress). In those same comments Miss Avocado aka That Bride pointed out that Dolly and Candy were also similar to Stephanie James.
Stephanie James

Stephanie James

Can you hear the angels singing too?
AND do you know where she is located? HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, about 45 mins from my house and 15 mins from my office. SOOO CLOSE! Wait, it gets better and the Bridal Salon she recently had a trunk show and now features her dresses is TWO MINUTES from my office. I’m headed over there the minute I get a free lunch to check them out in person.

Also, I guess I’ve been living in a hole before I discovered Weddingbee because Miss. Shortcake pointed me toward two (1, 2) previous Weddingbee posts highlighting Stephanie James.


2 Responses to “Dress Craziness”

  1. Miss Shortcake

    You better show my your dress, missy! Stephanie James’ dresses are incredible! P.s. – I was the one who featured Candy Anthony too!

    Have a great weekend!

    xoxo Shortie

  2. ashley

    Hi there! I randomly stumbled on your site and thought I would let you know that you simply MUST go to Stephanie James’ store! She is the sweetest and has so many more dresses there than are carried elsewhere. I was sold on one of her dresses from Mon Amie but decided to swing by her store quickly before purchasing it and I’m so glad I did. I got the most amazing dress from her that I never would have seen otherwise.

    Good luck on your dress hunt and most of all, HAVE FUN!

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