How I know it coming…

Posted On July 7, 2008

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Although my BFF’s hubbers proposed to her before the two had discussed marriage, in this day and age I think it is rare that a couple would get engaged without the Bride knowing its coming. Among un-engaged friends in seriously relationships, right now 4 out 4 have discussed marriage and even rings to some varying degree. So, I know its coming because we’ve talked about it.

How do I know its close? 2 weeks ago, on the hottest day I can remember, FH and I went were eating lunch at The Corner Bakery and trying to decide what to do for the day, when FH asked if I’d like to go to Robin’s Bros and look at rings. (UM YEAH!) Not to purchase, but just to give him an idea of what I liked, since I’d be wearing this the rest of my life.

We also decided to look at cars, because, like most guys FH LOVES cars and wanted to check out few newer models. So we went to Pontiac to check out the Solstice



and then across the street to Lincoln so I could see a car with Sync, so I looked at the smallest Lincoln, the MKS, becuase I am all about the compact car…


 Lastly we went to VW, where I bought my Jetta, to look at the new Jetta and Tiguan





 So, after looking at all those shiny things we went to Robin’s Bros to look at these shiny things…

Dream Ring

Dream Ring

That is my dream ring *sigh*… isn’t she pretty?
We walked around the store and I tried on a bunch of different rings, mostly pave, and I discovered I don’t like pave because, to FH and me, they like costume jewelry. Seeing what I thought I liked, the sales girl/ring specialist that was helping us showed me the ring above and I fell in love!

So that story above, combined with the fact that FH gets an inheritance in 2 weeks, I know its coming.


2 Responses to “How I know it coming…”

  1. Caithe

    Beautiful, beautiful ring!

    And I agree with you on the knowing that you are going to get engaged thing. All of my friends knew ahead of time. For me it was a surprise and it wasn’t. My FH told me that he was going to ask me to marry him ‘in a couple months’ and I was shocked. Then he didn’t propose for two years! So not so surprised. Pretty damn patient, if you ask me!

  2. hisbirdie

    Thank you! WOW you are patient – TWO YEARS! I would have gone mad!

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