The First Date

Posted On June 27, 2008

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Saturday, 02/18/06 was our first date. FH drove down to my house (about 45 min… notice how much driving FH drives on our first date) to pick me up at about noon. I remember what I wore: my favorite black skirt, my favorite red hoodie and my favorite black pumps. When I openeded the door I remember thinking – He’s even more handsome in person 🙂 

FH had scored some tickets to the the Harlem Globe Trotters @ the Anaheim Pond (I don’t care if Honda owns it now, I will always call it the Pond) so we drove 30 mins (back towards his place) talking and laughing with awkward first date conversation… at one point, since I had been staring @ the water spots on his windshield for about 20 mins, I told him about these awesome things called windshield whipers, yep THAT sarcastic! He informed me that the sprinklers in his neighborhood leave hard water spots on his car…I’m surprised he asked me out again… I was a BRAT!

Once we were at The Pond – FH bought us yummy, yet pricey hot dogs and we took our seats. No offense to anyone who likes the Harlem Globe Trotters (or the Harlem Globe Trotters themselves) but it was BOR-RING! We both sat there talking bored by the “game” thinking – this is boring, does he/she think this is boring? Finally he asked me if I wanted to go and after the back and forth or – do you want to go? do you want to go? If you like it we’ll stay? Do you like it? We decided we both thought it BLEW and we left.

Cool if you are 10, not if you’re on a first date and want to talk.

Funny side note – about 1/2 through the time we were there an ex-employee of FH sat down right next to us. FH got the tickets from work, so this guy must have scored some tickets too, right before FH fired him. I always tease him saying that is just his story and he actually asked the guy to come just in case the date didn’t work out. 

Next FH took us to Marina Del Rey to get Starbucks and walk on the Pier. Walking to Starbucks we had to go down an itty bitty set of stairs and I tripped and fell on my rear in a tiny puddle. I was SO embarrassed, plus now I was bleeding & wet. While FH apologized profusely for not catching me I hobbled to the Starbucks bathroom to clean myself off. Once clean I was good as new and we took our yummy hot beverages for a walk on the pier. Never once was there an awkward lull in our conversation, we talked and talked until it was time for dinner and FH decided he HAD to take me an Italian place near his apt. called Angelo and Vinci’s.

Angelo and Vinci’s
was a lot of fun and we orderd a HUGE lasagna pizza! I was impressed at how well he dealt with my diabetes, with testing my blood and injecting at the table. (Yes, I do this at the table, I’ve been diabetic for over 10 yrs now so it’s not a big deal to me). After dinner he took me home @ about 9pm. That’s a LOOONG first date! but, I couldn’t wait to see him again 🙂

FH & ! back at Angelo & Vinci’s for our 1 yr Anniversary… I’m wearing the same thing I wore on our first date.


Where did I find you?

Posted On June 24, 2008

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“Where did I find you?” – FH
“On the internet.” – HisBirdie

Yep, FH & I met on the internet, how very new millennium of us 😉
I guess I was never really turned off, or afraid of meeting someone on the internet b/c that was how I met my very first college boyfriend… he was a friend of a friend that I started IM’ing with before we started dating.
Anyway so 2.5 years ago when my ex-boyfriend and I had broken up I decided to try Knowing there can be a LOT of freaks on the internet I went in with a plan and 4 first dates later I met FH. He was the first email and I was immediately interested – he was cute (check), Christian (check), in college (check) and didn’t live to far away (check). FH and I exchanged emails for a few weeks and the night after we chatted on AIM I was the one to give him my phone number… he was taking things a little too slow for my taste hahahaha. A week or so later we went on our first date…

Hello wordpress world!

Posted On June 23, 2008

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Okay, I’ve done it, I’ve started a Blog!
I’m the type of girl who was never any good at keeping a diary, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up, especially now since I have something to Blog about… someday soon, any month now I’m getting engaged, EEEEEEE! How do I know this, you ask? Well, FH, the guy who calls me his Bird, and I have been talking about this for about 1.5 yrs now and all the ducks are coming into their respective row and I know it’s coming! For example we went and looked at rings this weekend, and that my friends is a post for a later time.